Looking for Tillers Jock Strap......

First off, congrats to you Bombers. Stegall destroyed Tiller all afternoon. He'll be My nominee for Offensive player of the week! Which leads me to the next question....Any you fans at the game find Tony Tillers Jock strap? Since Stegall out played and out deked him, it must have been left laying on the field. Please mail back to BC Lions Training facility if found!

found one jock strap....and what looks to be 'a deked out pair of shorts'.....Did you hear what Stegall said on the sidelines....quote...Well that position Tiller plays is one of the most difficult areas of the game to play....especially when you get a guy coming at you full speed and you don't know which way he's goona move.....and I guess he didn't know I had all these special moves ...so I showed him....unquote.....Milt you ARE THE MAN...keep er going..... :lol: :lol: :lol:

I thought that was real classy of Stegall to console the kid after the game.

Stegall gave the boy a lesson.....What did they call it papazoola when we were kids....A whooping at the back shed?

...Stegall is a class act ....talented......and some would say the heart of the Bombers......Tiller will recover from his introduction to the 'turtle man'.....and the ol fashioned hidin'............I think Wally will have to dream up some other type of containment for Milt.......next game should be interesting....

Look BB fans, it was a great allround performance by your team......

Yes, Stegall stood out and dammit he was superb.....

But also give credit where credit is due...>Kevin Glenn has put up very good numbers this year...he's not a bad QB you got there.

But answer me this...your team TRADED to get Wynn from BC....but you refuse to use him.......and your coaching staff ranks him 4th on the depth chart......behind Tee Martin.....what gives with that? Martin was the worst QB to play in the league this year, and Wynn isn't better than him?????

wynn just had surgery and so he isn't healthy yet. injury is the only way someone would be ranked lower than tee. unless maybe you are daley.
even roberts attempt last week put him above tee i think.

wouldn't it be embassrsing if a player uses the lost Jock Starp???

I'd be mad if somebody used mine! :lol:

"Some else HAS USED MY JOCK STARP!!! " :twisted:

Jock Starps are pretty cheap to buy....Kanga.....and I couldn't imagine anyone wanting to use a found one.....I think Tiller will probably burn it ....when it is returned....bad memories connected to that one.... :lol:

I went to the Bombers- Lions game last week and that cannon went off so many times with Stegall hitting that same end zone, I thought the Lions D and Stegall would all be deaf by now.

well, i'm watchng the bc / mtl game right now, and Tiller is starting! let's see if he learned anything from "Uncle Milt"!!! only 2.5 hrs more to the bombers kick-off - BOMBERS RULE!!!

well, bc is getting "waxed' 17-0, but Tiller just got a gift interception from Calvillo.

...... well, Tiller got an int last night! eventhough he wasn't a full-time starter last night, he did ok. i guess Stegall's a good teacher!