Looking for Tickets for Eastern Final

Am going to Eastern Final. Still haven't bought ticket. Have looked at ticketmaster, craiglist , Ebay.
There are some available and because my Argo buddies couldn't secure any tickets beside them I'm looking for fellow Bomber fans who might have or know where I can get a ticket so I'm not sitting with all Argonut fans I don't know.

I have been told that the best sight lines at Rogers Centre are in the 200 section or club section.

Anybody shed more light or know of other tix near Bomber fans.


416-341-argo is the argos ticket number. i saw this on another post for a guy looking for tics.

Hey thanks for tip. :thup:

Called Argo office direct rather than ticketmaster. Better seat selection.

Actually got tickets at field level, south endzone private tent area, bar service, special menus etc, sounds like great experience for playoff game. Have Jumbletron for those plays that aren't right in front of you.

Hopefully seeing lots of Bomber Blue in the endzone.


no problem man always willing to help a fellow bomber

I'll be there so that makes 2 Bomber fans. I don't see too many Bomber faithful goin though; heck they didn't even show up in Winnipeg, so why would they in the Big Smoke.

My wife and I will be there as well.

Section 126 Row twenty something.

We should all hit a bar afterwards to hopefully celebrate!!!

Check out the 13thman.com tailgate! ( not to be confused with the Official Argo's tailgate on Bremner)You will be more than welcome...lots of friendlies from most teams! Go to the south side of the dome(Bremner St)...and go to the back of the parking lot which is exactly one block east on the south side of the street. Walk up and introduce yourself! You can't miss it! It's straight east of "Steamwhistle Brewery"...across the street (East)while there...take the tour!

Hey Woody.

Thanks for the invite.

I was planning on going to the Argo tailgate and I will try to make an appearence at the 13thman.com tailgate I'll check the website for times.

Should one have to bring their own libations?

GO BOMBERS :rockin: