Looking for TiCats Souvenirs

Hello All - A few questions:
I'm a long-time TiCats fan in the US (currently living in Atlanta) and will be traveling through Hamilton next week for the first time in a few years.

  1. Are there any good places anyone could recommend to buy team souvenirs this time of year (t-shirts, photos, pennants- the usual)? Ideally I'd like to get things as inexpensively as possible; the "official" team stores tend to be pretty pricey.

  2. Are there any taverns or bars/clubs that cater to the Tiger-Cats fans or that are "themed" to CFL football or Hamilton football? I prefer the unfancy, neighborhood kind of place- a normal corner bar where people are casual and friendly and could talk intelligently about the team. (My idea, of course, is to learn from the patrons; it's REALLY difficult to follow the TiCats or the CFL in Georgia!)

  3. Any other things you could recommend I might do related to the team? (tour Ivor Wynne, visit team offices, see a local museum with team-related displays, etc).

Thanks in advance for your ideas and input. And thanks for acting as travel consultants!

Greg in Atlanta

The team store is ok for flags and other stuff like that because it's not quite easy to find. But for clothing, there are quite a few places that now carry Ticat stuff for a decent price. Limeridge mall has some sports stores or across from Limeridge there is a National sports that carries decent CFL merchandise.

As for bars, Hess is probably the way to go, but there isn't much chance you're going to find anyone who wants to talk CFL. You'd be more likely to find someone who could talk NFL or NHL. You'd definitely want to take a trip to the Hall of Fame. It's downtown. The area is under construction, but the Hall is still open.

Ugh. Around Christmas, I went to Sportchek, which I think is the biggest sports store at Limeridge Mall. They had a couple t-shirts for the TiCats, and a couple jerseys from the Argos and TiCats. I looked up close at the TiCats jersey to see whose name was on it. The name was Casey Printers and they were selling it for $110. At first I was grateful to see any CFL merchandise there, since I've had a hard time finding any in Kingston, but so disappointed when I realized how out of date Sportchek was. I didn't know about National Sports across from Limeridge.

Oh that really stinks. Yeah I don't really like Sportchek. They're pretty bad. National sports isn't too bad and they had some pretty good sales on before the holidays. You could have probably gotten a Maas jersey for $10 lol

Visit Otis Floyds CarWash in Atlanta , maybe he would talk C.F.L with you. The End Zone bar on King St. east is C.F.L. friendly. As for souvenirs , Giant Tiger has t-shirts for $10 bucks on Queenstone Rd. and Zellers offers some apparel. Cheers.

If you want anything more than a very limited selection of t-shirts/sweatshirts and MAYBE jerseys, I think your wasting time and gas going anywhere but the offical TigerTown store. Apart from occasional clearance sales on outdated player jerseys at National Sports, I don't think there are any significant bargains to make it worthwhile for an out-of-towner to go anywhere but the TigerTown store. If you want any "keepsake" type of items (mugs, keychains, clocks, golf items, etc), I'm pretty confident the TigerTown store is the best bet.

Even for crested jerseys, I don't think anyone significantly undercuts the TigerTown store on price, and they're likely to have more current player jerseys in stock than other sources.

A trip to Hamilton should include a visit to the Canadian Football Hall Of Fame. It's downtown and not far from "Tigertown".

Just remember the "Hall" is not open on Sundays!

Yes, definately go to the Tiger-Cat store located at their offices at 1 Jarvis st., Hamilton, On. located here: http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&rls=c ... a=N&tab=wl

That google map is for 48 Jarvis st. which is directly across form 1 Jarvis st. it gives you a better STREET VIEW of the building.

As far as SPortsbars go, I'd also recommend the Endzone located here http://maps.google.com/maps?q=1900+king ... CAoQ8gEwAA


And when you are at the Car Wash say hello to Mike Kelly ... don't forget to tell him he is a pantload.

Thanks, everyone for your ideas and suggestions. (I can't believe I'd forgotten about the CFL Hall of Fame!)

I'm looking forward to the Malls and the TigerTown store- and to enjoying your frozen weather.

Thanks again.

Superstar Sports in Jackson Square has lots of Ticats shirts. Not sure about prices. Or other items.

You may have a hard time with this one as the experience will be much different than in GA ..