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I'm thinking of writing something about football fans in this country who label themselves "CFL only" and who do not acknowledge the virtues of the NFL whatsoever. I'm wondering is this about more than 3-downs v. 4-downs, 55-yard field v. 50-yard field. Is there something more cultural here? Is embracing the CFL and rejecting the NFL a way to assert Canadian identity?

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Count me out David as I'm a football fan 3 or 4 down, CFL or NFL or whatever. I love it all!

But I'm sure you will get a few "onlys" here, maybe anyways. :wink:

I don't think most CFL fans are anti NFL. They just grew up watching the CFL game and appreciate it more then they do the NFL. They are two games that are similar but are still very different.

NFL = Cure for insomnia. I fell asleep 3 times watching the MNF media-hyped thrillaganza. 6 yd pass, 2 yd run, 3 yd run, a first down yay!! And then immediately after the 2 minute warning, 2 kneel downs and the teams were walking off the field, no plays no action for a full 2 minutes complete horsecrap.

Do a search for your own name in this forum. You should come up with a few candidates that feel that the Canadian media has no business giving the NFL the time of day.

See, Dave, I enjoy both. Prefer the CFL as it is more exciting. I'd rather the Americans keep the NFL and the Canadians keep the CFL.

I don’t want to be part of this article. Because knowing the writer, he’ll try to paint CFL fans as backwater hicks.

But if Mr Naylor wants the facts about the cFL in Canada, go to Wickipedia.com, type in Canadian football league, and look at the bottom to a national survey done in 2005 by the University of Lethbridge.

In it they give the results of a national scientific poll of what sports are popular in this country. And the results will I’m sure surprise you Mr. Naylor. Though CFL fans won’t be surprised.

And funny how we’re called anti-NFL because we support a popular Canadian institution like the cFL? Does that therefore make the Americans anti-CFL? Just wondering.

Well berezin, I do wonder if the NFL has mentioned a few things to media people in Toronto like if you want an NFL game or two or team down the road, start paying a bit more attention to the CFL. No idea if this is being said but I can see this. Because if you're calling all CFL fans hicks, you're also calling a lot of NFL fans hicks, football fans hicks. The NFL would not like this just as the CFL wouldn't like it.

Look at me, while I'm not the best example, I am someone who is a Canadian and who likes the NFL better than the NHL. Hockey is way more hicky to me than football, always will be. I prefer the Canadian game to the American game but prefer how the NFL does business. No hickiness for any football fan, the NFL won't have it and the boys in Toronto I think are going to start playing the game of football is no. 1 or else, you're out of the game boys. They'll get the message if they in fact want the best run league in their city. And I think they do. Because if they don't and continue to bash the CFL as some back water league, it makes football fans look hicky and makes the media themselves hicky, the NFL will avoid Toronto like the plague if they can (but then Ralph Wilson has some say on this one though).

never depend on Wiki for the facts.

I am both a huge CFL and NFL fan and living in the west I get a lot of coverage of both.

Now reading these forums a lot of the anti-NFL crowd seems to come out of the east (especially Toronto).

Now reading the many, many posts on this subject matter it seems that the Toronto fans feel the NFL gets a lot more coverage than the CFL even though the CFL does great in the ratings. I believe if the CFL coverage went up in this area of Canada the anti-NFL fans would go down. I think the posts such as Super Bore and the such are a mechanism posters are using to say 'hey the CFL is (in their opinion) much more exciting than the NFL, why isn't anyone [the media] talking about it'.

I think the CFL vs NFL talk is not the buzz right now, CFL to me is fine with an NFL team in Toronto and even finer if no Jays in Toronto. The big buzz is will the NFL come to Toronto and maybe put the Jays on the thin ice.

It's like I always say to people who say what do you like better, the CFL or NFL? I say who the heck cares, the CFL is so small compared with the elite leagues that it makes no difference in the US if the CFL exists or not. This is not the question to me.

The real question is what do I like better, football or baseball? Baseball is a competitor for fans wallets in the US. Even if no CFL exists, my love of football remains tops, more than the other leagues. That's just me though. Having the CFL around just makes the gravy taste that much nicer.

Alot of cfl players are americans by birth and played the american game.....i wonder how do they feel about this to be honest.....lets say we stop all ncaa players from playing in the cfl and have it made up of all canadians so yall could have national pride.....the only people talkingabout the nfl in canada are CANADIANS!!!!so leave the nfl alone i doubt if the league was made of all cis grads that any of yall would watch it!!!4 down football players are the best in the cfl!!!1all the records are help by guys who played 4 down football!!!!and you know what to any true football fan who cares what country they come from i'm cleveland browns fan i dont care if the kid played at the university of regina i just want a winning team!!!!bump national pride!!!

I'm not really anti NFL, I just don't want it in Canada. I have a hard time thinking of positives that an NFL team would bring to Canada other than making a very few wealthy "canadians" even wealthier. I don't think the NFL games are better. I believe the advantage that the NFL enjoys in talent, is trumped by the Canadian rules, making the Canadian game much more entertaining.

Maybe I'm a pessimist, but I believe that the CFL would not survive an NFL team in Canada, largely due to the massive media preference it would get. I also wonder about the psychological affects of having a long held canadian tradition wiped out by an american 'invader' on the national psyche. My guess is that the well known canadian inferiority complex would deepen considerably.

We would have to live with the fact that we allowed a cherished canadian traditon to be destroyed by our dominating neighbours from the south and profiteers from the north. It isn't just a football team that we would be importing here. It is an american cultural juggernaut, the most red, white and blue icon that the U.S. has, from the cheerleaders to the broadcast booth.

When the Dallas Cowboys (America's team) comes into Canada to play Toronto's NFL team in a Canada that no longer has it's own professional football league,(think of the symbolism) america's victory over a compliant canada would be complete.

A few wealthy "canadians" will be richer and canadian independence and cultural life will be much, much poorer.

I'm not sure that you were called anti-NFL, but if you were it isn't because you're a CFL fan. It's probably more because of comments like "My opinion is why we in Canada should care about a league in a foreign country?"

Note that he also asked for people who label THEMSELVES that. If you don't, then no problem.

Mr. Naylor said hes looking for people that do not aknowledge the virtuse of the NFL whatsoever. There are very few anti NFL people but when our own countrys media does not recognise the virtues of the CFL whatsoever, is what most CFL fans object to. For all the things that are wrong and unjust and completely out of wack in the world the CFL and its reasonably priced players, tickets, and overall value is matched by very few. We would just like that recognised. Thats the way I see it.

funny how he says hes lookin for anti nflers, yet most responces came from people saying 'not me'....

if its not u, then why waste his time posting?

if theres a forum for gays, im not gonna join just to post 'not me'.

Mr Naylor,

Here's an idea.

Write a story about the virtues of the CFL and why people love it.

Why would Canadians care what anti NFLer's think. For that matter, what would Americans care?

I can't help but think that your true motives are to promote the NFL and play down the importance of the CFL in Canada.

If you are looking for a challenge and wonderful experience, investigate the popularity of the CFL outside of Toronto.

I would pay to read that.

No offense intended. Just making a point.

Cheers from Japan


Go Bombers!!!!

I don't mind watching the NFL, I just don't want NFL teams in Canada.

The American game is only a shadow of the Canadian game. CFL games are far more exciting. 3 downs with a wider field allows for more athletic plays and runbacks. In the NFl they mostly just stand around, with most plays lasting only 2 or 3 seconds.

On a excitement scale of 10, I would give the CFL a 9; the NFL a 5; the NHL a 3; all other sports 0-1.

Is there really that many anti-NFL people in Canada? I think those people who are upset at the lack of coverage the CFL gets in our major newspapers are being labelled as anti-NFL unjustly.

I probably enjoy the NFL as much as the next person, but the CFL should be prioritized higher than the NFL in this country.

How are people wasting his time. Mr. Naylor asked those 'anti-NFL' responses be directed towards his email address. The man did come here looking for input. Besides, he knows how to separate the wheat from the chaff.