Looking for someone to go to the odd game with

Well basically I have noone to go to the games with this year friends have zero interest in the games these days so im looking for people or peoples to attend a game or to with this season let me know

If you're willing to come and pick me up in Vancouver and take me to a game I will go! :slight_smile:

Seriously if I can't get the deal I'm working on I'll get back to you. I think a sticky thread might be in order to set up partnerships. How about it KW?

I think it's a great idea that can only help the team by selling more tickets.

I think catsconverts' idea [i]and [/b]intiative here is commendable.

I sent this to KW


How about starting a thread where those lost souls looking for somebody to go to games with as a sticky. I have found someone I'm talking to about sharing tickets but I am still hearing posters asking the same question. Who knows somebody I can go to games with? My friends and family aren't interested

I can't blame them.


I guess no one likes my joke :frowning:

Hey my brotherinlaw works in Vancouver. I'll call him and see if he'll take you to the airport. Sorry Zen thats the best I can do

Maybe he and Zen can share a couch and a T.V.

That and all my friends are married or hitched up and boring as well so umm now it seems im the last man standing so to speak of the singleness and noone wants to do anything anymore. and the others i know well they arent interested at all :frowning:

ADAWG - When describing you, has anyone ever said anything along the lines of, "He was a quiet neighbour..."?

If not, you're welcome to join me for a couple of games this year.

No I think my neighbours would say something along the lines of keep it down and dont you ever sleep actually hold on a second theyve said that to me before haha

I've got the perfect solution for you. Get married.

You're welcome... :wink:

My boyfriend and I sit in the endzone GA section so that if friends of our want to come they can sit with us. You're welcome to join us whenever you want to.

get married is the easy solution but the first step is finding an exciting girl that will do the occassional fun thing and not turn my life into a fulltime shopping spree or chick flick aha so until that happens no dice

I can pretty much get you tickets for almost every game, and quite often another 'Lost Soul" to go with. We are the same way, I have alot of friends that only go to so many games, and often we have extra seats. If you are lucky, you can even join us at our pre-game Tail-gate party! Let me know...

Going to the tailgates is probably the easiest way to widen your circle of friends! Obviously, anyone there will be a CFL football fan and quite frankly we have made some great friends of all teams as a result of these tailgates.

There are always a lot of tickets floating around. You just have to get out and introduce yourself! :wink:

i guess i should consider myself lucky. i have someone to go with almost every week. my friends, dad, uncle, brother or old football coach, some people aren't so lucky

Looking for someone to go to the odd game with
The last couple of years the [b]odd[/b] games were the ones that we won! :)

I am giving up my season tickets so hey I am up for singles :thup:

ADAWG and Midfield. A couple of questions since I will be looking for more tix than are being offed for sale elsewhere. Where do you guys sit and are you up to adding another to your group?

I was wondering where you guys sit, how many regulars you have and if you have room for another lost soul. I’d even be willing to buy another seat if nessasary to get back into a group. I live within walking distance of the stadium so I could actually offer a few benifits to the tailgates providing I have somewhere to store my stuff until after the games (It makes no sense to pay for parking and therefore I haven’t really participated too much in the entire tailgate experience although I’d like to) Get back to me ASAP so I don’t miss the earlybird cutoff if you need another full ticket for me to join your group