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Hi Guys! I'm doing a small research about the 1961 game between the Montréal Alouettes and the Chicago Bears. Does anyone of you know by any chance a fan that had the chance to attend the game in Montréal? That was 50 years ago, but I'd be curious to chat with them about what was the experience like in the stands. I'm also in process of contacting players involved at the times, but most of them unfortunately passed away.

I know the CFL and NFL had a few other games, with another one being in 1962. If you happen to know anyone that attended one of those crossover leagues game elsewhere than Montréal, I'd be interested to get in touch too! Feel free to PM me, or write down here your name. Can also mail me if you prefer, just PM me your email.

Wish you all a great weekend of sport!

What did Ditka say about the game ? Da Bears .


Ditka played for the Bears then in 61 and Ditka was a sketch on SNL where they asked about anything to do with life and then they always ended with Da bears .

It was used for everything back then . Here is a sample .

Ditka for president

Well I am both proud and old to say I attended the game as a wee lad.

I vaguely remember the Als holding their own in the 1st half played under CFL rules, the brawl that broke out, and the Deidrich interception for a TD.

But my most vivid memory is this. Fans in those days were allowed along the sidelines during pre-game warmups. And I remember Als DE Ed Meadows who was out with an injury, but knew some of the Bears from having played there, jokingly tell a couple of them “We`re going to kick your ass.” He might have invented trash talk. :slight_smile:

Meadows is an interesting case study on his own - blackballed by the NFL for a cheap shot on Bobby Layne, later ended his life shooting himself.


My original program long ago disappeared with the baseball cards, but I was able to buy one on Ebay for a reasonable price about 5 years ago.

As for players still around, Ed Learn has car dealerships in St. Catharines, ON.

Great read from the paper then ( very colourful ) and loved the helmets in the photo .

Thanks for sharing .

Thanks for explaining.

I was aware of the SNL skits, but had clearly forgotten that the tag line was applied to everything.
What makes this worse is that I am a Bears fan!!

I believe it expanded just beyond “Da Bears” eventually and became “Da Bulls! Da Bears” in the Chicago Superfans sketches. Chris Farley always a great laugh pretending to choke or have a heart attack on the ridiculous amount of food he was “pretending” to eat in those sketchs! :)George Wendt (Norm from Cheers) often made guest appearances in those sketches too.

That is so awesome to read that clip. Does anyone have any info on the TiCats/Bills game from the same era? The only CFL team to beat an AFL team!

I liked the Molson Canadian ad below the story." Now in brown bottles to protect against the light" . Think it would have been the stubbie era so prior to 1961 Canadian would have been in clear stubbies? Never seen one of those.

Might have to move this to off topic to continue that discussion :wink:

Weird that the bottle shown isn't a stubby

There`s this summary:


No. Prior to the introduction of the brown stubbies in 1961, there were two different industry standard beer bottles in Canada. The one for lager was basically a clear long neck:

The ISB for ale was a green bottle that was equally tall but tapered smoothly up the neck:

Those were of course the days when no self respecting Canadian would drink U.S. beer which was so flavourless by comparison that it was dismissed as “water”.

Often forgotten is the August 26, 1941 victory by the Winnipeg Blue Bombers over the Columbus Bulls. Columbus won the AFL Championship 1939-1941.

Winnipeg Blue Bombers 19 - Columbus Bulls 12

The third game between Winnipeg & Columbus was originally planned to be between Regina & Columbus but the Roughriders couldn't fit the game into their schedule.

Thanks Ideal Sheldon