Looking for Ride From Burlington to Ticat Events

Hello Fellow Ticats Fans From Burlington.
I am looking for Ride to Ticats Games and or Training Camp
My Car is off the road till it is Repaired…
It Not a Cheap Repair
it will cost me $800.00 CND.
I live on a Fixed Income
So Right now can’t afford the Repair.
So I am looking for Someone to Ride With.
If you can help PM Me …
Thanks in Advance.

hey Tom. sorry i can’t give you a ride, i have a problem getting out to events myself being i am only 14. however you may want to try this. A few times last year my buddies and i took a train out to Burlington to i believe it was Aldershot station. From there we took a bus across to Hamilton Go-Centre, and walked to IWS from there. You could probably catch a cab from there for cheap, or if your up for a 25 minute walk. either way, good luck.

Thanks but during Friday Night & Weekend Games
It not Practical Cause Buses In Burlington Don't run Late Enough.
I'd Have leave the Games Early end of 3rd Qrt.

I really Need a Ride
I am Will help pay for gas when I can.

I would help you out but I'm in Petawawa!

Very Cool!.........I was born at Pembroke General as my Dad was stationed at CFB Petawawa at the time (The Black Watch)........been up there a few times since......camped at Driftwood Provincial Park a few times.....

.........awesome country up there........heard stories from my Dad that they used to catch huge sturgeon in the Petawawa River....was that a tall tale or are there really sturgeon there?....... :stuck_out_tongue:

I have only been here a short while. Previous to here I was at CFB Borden. However, I would not be surprised at all if there were Sturgeon up here. Infact I'd almost be willing to put money on it.

The country up here is pretty beautiful! My son will love growing up here. I'm sure of it.

Guy please don't Hijack my Thread
I Really need a Lift..

Tom - if they werent 'hijacking' the thread, it would have faded into obscurity already. At least they are keeping it at the top of the list

True True!

I just Calling Burlington Transit ..
There last bus Leave Burlington Termal at 11 PM
But There way I can make it back in Time to Catch it


I just Calling Burlington Transit .. There last bus Leave Burlington Termal at 11 PM But There way I can make it back in Time to Catch it
Worst comes to worst there aren't any saturday night games so the bus service to Burlington would be available.

The Majority of Games at Home are Thursday and Friday after 7 PM
Hamilton has 7 Games 7 PM or Later.

I just Finished Sending an Email to Cam Jackson
The Mayor of Burlington To Complain about the early Closing of Bus Routes..
they should be open till 1 AM.

I work on Cams Campaigns Every year He Runs Since 1986
as Volunteer

There is an express bus at 11:50 Monday - Friday.

For Hamilton and that go Service at over $4.00 a Ride..

Also 11:50 is too late as Burlington Busses Stop at 11

so my Route 3 bus is gone by that time.
it the Only one going to Lake Shore and Saint Paul.

There is a 11:50 bus that leaves Jackson Square Monday - Friday to Burlington. Aren't all buses in Hamilton free on game day with a game ticket?

Nothing that bugs me more than seeing empty buses, and I see a lot of them.
I think it is a drain on the local economy and not very enviro friendly.
Pretty sure that it would not be too smart to run buses until 1:00 am. This city shuts down at 9.

Then Why Not Run a Ticat Express Bus to Game From Burlington Mail.

Yes But as I Said Before the Last Burlington bus that gets me home Leaves Downtown Burlington at 11 PM
so 11:50 is too Late as it would get me into Burlington at 12:10
An Hour and 10 Mins after Last Burlington Bus as gone back to the yard.

Might be easier to find someone to help fix your car. What's the problem with it.