Looking For Real.....

.....to the fans of the BBs, gotta say your revamped and pumped up team looks like the comeback story of the year....and if things keep going the way they are Berry is definately a COTY candidate...I always love an eskimo beating and the BBs apparently own them this year....

...Glenn looks like he is settling in well into the role and the offence is producing....your D is becoming a work of art as that front seven is daunting, very impressive changes there....and so far your achilles heel last year, your defensive backfield, hasn't let you down.....

....it's fun when a single season can change some things around eh?.....congrats on restoring pride and respect, last year is history......

....something i've said from the beginning of the season....thanx RedandW....i could see some very important pieces falling into place in the off-season...Barrin Simpson ..for one...nobody would believe me....but then after last years performance (which you're right on dosen't count anymore) who could blame the skeptics,,,this defence really hasn' peaked yet....and if the offence keeps improving....heh...we're shooting high...

yeah, thanks RW, however Glenn still needs wrok IMO, he neeeds to hand on to the ball better, and not be to much of a showboat (we didn't need anymore yards!!!). We almost lost the game thanks to him.

what happened to your hard on for Glenn? and hold onto the ball better? this is his frst fumble?

you are a class act red&white, and there really isnt anything sweeter then a win at Commonwealth, except maybe Percival Molson, but so far they have had our number.

mAN, I'm ALL PUMBED UP THAT WE WON, AND WE SHOULD CELEBATE, but let's face it, Glenn almost lost us the game, I'm not being hard on him, I'm just saying that he doesn't need to get corky and go for more yards than he needs.

We had already won the game IMO at that point, all we needed was to put a long drive together, get some points on the board by a Single, FG, or TD, and we had it.

going for 6 more yards after you got the first when winning when all he had to do was get pass the first and then down.

....and it was hardly his fault KK, (do you actually watch games or what?).....he was being dragged out of the pile by two or three EEs and had another two EEs stripping him of the ball....sheesh, you expect an unreasonable lot....

really good game by the esks but why do u have like 8 rushers after glenn?

All he had to do was get the frist and get down, and YES I WATCH THE GAMES!!! maybe you should watch your mouth!

and if you have two or three guys on ya, what do you do? go down, or go for more? since he only needed the frist becase he was winning the game, he should have gone down.


and he just PM'ed me to stop being mean to him and I told him to look over his posts before he hits submit.

Dont think he has taken my advice...

Oh, I think Westwood won himself the punting job.

i hate it when glenn get 'corky' too???

I got it, and said that "I'll try", but sry we don't agree on what Glenn did on that play.

Overall, I think that Glenn has greatly improved as a QB, but he made a poor decision on that play, that almost cost us the game.

Yeah, I knew he had it in him.

can't spell to save myself, and the checker does help much.

I was talking more about your spelling

I'm 21 years old mate, I use the checker and try try try again sometimes, but at my age, spelling is just impossible.

can't teach an old kangaroo new tricks

Even an old dog can learn new tricks if he is willing to change.....just a saying I like and a thought to keep in mind.....

No comments from the peanut galley, please.

when I have a word that I need to correct, and doesn't come up with the correct word, and re spell to get the right word to come up, and as Ro says, I reread to check for other words that were misspelled that the checker did pick up, try to correct those.

by the time I post, somebody has already said something else, and I'm out of place.

Peanut gallery? It's just a saying, KK.....

Jm02, what did you think about the Bombers win last night?