Looking for positives

some personal positives re the covid situation

  • some reduced pollution
  • greatly reduce air traffic. Less fuel burned plus less overhead noise.
  • for some reason, I have noticed a lot less emergency sirens in our area
  • getting to watch more classic hockey featuring my fav, Pavel Bure wearing my fav Canucks jersey.
  • having my wife home a lot more.
  • my kids have taken up cooking
  • less driving equals less gas expense and less wear on vehicles

I'm hoping people will get used to the idea of wearing masks when they have cold or flu symptoms. Even after a Covid vaccine, this is a responsible way to behave. I suspect widespread mask use is one of the reasons South Koreans were able to control the spread much beter than Canadians have.

I'm also hoping that a lot of people and businesses will realize that a great deal of work can be done remotely and that this will continue in the future. It could mean less traffic (and pollution) permanently.

More people working remotely could also alleviate to some degree the exorbitant real estate prices in our major cities. Before Covid, Canadians carried onerous levels of household debt, and a lot of that was due to disproportionate housing costs.

How would that lower price for houses?

Better functioning long term care centres that are monitored by the government for better working conditions for employees and safer conditions for patients .

Better organized health units and more equipment like ventilators on stand by .

Cleaner standards hopefully for restaurants and retail .

More transparency and influence with China and it's government .

Hopefully a return to more manufacturing jobs within our own borders especially for needed medical equipment .

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If more people don't have to live in large cities to be close to their workplace, I think more will choose to live in smaller, more affordable areas. And that would decrease the demand for homes in cities, which would lead to lower asking prices.

ok...of course it would

I knew I was forgetting something in my original list

Hand shaking. Never liked it. Hope it goes the way of the dodo bird.

Education hopefully be more of a priority in society so people are smart enough not to vote into office narcissistic con artists whose only skills are 3rd-grade insults and blaming others. That unfortunately will take generations as there are still too many people who believe in nonsense such as discredited conspiracy theories.

Well, speaking purely in terms of CFL; fans of all the other teams can say they were undefeated against the Calgary Stampeders in 2020 which they can't do very often!

I'm with you okie. It is a dreadfully terrible trend that faith-healers, anti-vaxxers, televangelists, flat earthers, creationists, conspiracy theorists, fundamentalists, pro-lifers (although, since they also oppose universal healthcare, they are really pro-birth and not pro-life), Fox TV hosts, white supremacists, NRA, have all coalesced and become mainstream.

Not a positive yet. Just a hoped for result.

Not sure politics will change at all . Same old same old .

Down south their alternative is someone with dementia and bad case of sundowner syndrome .

Over 300 million there and they get two old guys who can barely talk at times .

Here were still looking for an opposition leader and our supply teacher in charge wants out of his current position to pursue other interests globally .

Seems to be less of some types of crime. Sure that will not continue though