Looking for photo submissions from fans

Hello football fans,

As some of you know, I am writing a series called A Beautiful Night for Football. As I continue to work on this series, I am looking for 8 photographs showcasing what is beautiful about each CFL stadium/city.

I don't want submissions from professional photographers. I am looking for quality, but I am looking for passionate fans that want to show their hometown pride, and the hidden talents that others may not know about. If you are good with computers and can make your own collage, by all means that would save me some time, but please send all the original files you make your finished image from.

I am looking to combine 2 or 3 photos of each stadium/city to make one 12x12 imagine (for each city), so the photo resolution should be high. I will be putting the photographers name on each of the photo collages so you will get credit for it.

You will not be paid for your submissions, but I am asking for full rights to use them for promotional purposes. They will be posted on the A Beautiful Night For Football website as well - once again with full credit to the artist.

By sending me your photographs, you also acknowledge that you have taken those photos, and you are giving ABeautifulNightForFootball.com permission to use your name on those photos.

This project is about showcasing what is beautiful about this game - including the fans.

Please send your photos to info@abeautifulnightforfootball.com for more information.


Just a quick note, that the site has a new look.

Visit www.abeautifulnightforfootball.com. Click on any team pic to see what other fans from across the country are sending in.

Good luck vs. our Cats this week. We'll need it. :slight_smile: