Looking for Passionate CFL Fans to ask a few question

Hello all,

I'm doing some research about people who watch the CFL. I'd like to know more about your personal history with football, why your passionate about the game itself and talk about why you have a favorite team. Shoot me a PM if your interested.

It all started when I saw the green and white. And I hated them ever since.

Yeh, that's bound to happen when the Bombers lose 22 of the last 25 games against the Riders. :lol:

Could you tell us who you are doing the research for?

I can't get into the specific details of who the project is for, but having actual CFL fan input (not just anyone) is really important and could help the CFL community.

Then I doubt anyone is going to seriously respond.

It's research on the CFL for the CFL.

Still a little too vague for most of us, I expect.

Seems odd as the CFL would likely be best to just ask people at games, poll season ticket holders or make a handy little link on their official CFL main page.

Hes probably some kind of con artist who will ask for credit card info.

Oh, it can’t be that bad.

who are you
where are you
why are you

Interesting numbers, how about Bombers 10 - Riders 4. Any idea what that represents?


10-4 But we must remember many of the Bomber Grey Cups were in Pre-historic times! :lol: :lol: :twisted: :rockin: :cowboy:

What are they calling this years’ Grey Cup again ? O ya, the 102nd !

To put that into perspective…Bombers 10 - Riders 4 - University of Toronto 4.

That’s right, University of Toronto that stopped playing for Grey Cups in the 1920’s has as many as the Riders do.

Personally my favourite stat.

I saw a tweet the other day asking why fans of a certain team were criticizing other teams playoffs struggles when said team had only won 4 grey cups in 104 years.

Well if you want to look at it that way, Riders actually have 25 Cups. When I was a kid playing on the street we called ourselves the Riders and we were playing for the Grey Cup and that's how many we won. About the same relevancy I would think. :roll:

That’s easy. Number of times the teams have missed the playoffs since 1990.

Of course Regina does lead Winnipeg 15-14......in Grey Cup losses. :cowboy: