Looking For More: Stamps eye top of West in 2022

CFL.ca presents ‘Off-Season Depth Chart’, a series of articles reviewing every team’s depth chart at is stands to date. Note that these are not official team-issued depth charts, but projections based on insight and analysis from around the league, and don’t include 2022 CFL Draft picks.

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Let's hope BLM stays healthy and can think outside of box. His biggest issue is his reads, like Ron Burgundy reading whatever is on the teleprompter, so goes Bo throwing whatever play he is told to run - and we wonder why he throws more ints than tds...

IMO Bo will be fine. I like the Stamp team overall a lot. Very balanced on offence with a good RB & a really good bunch of receivers. They look good on defence but the DB's might be an area to watch with Leonard, Amos & Metchie leaving.