Looking For More: Bombers hoping to go back to back

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I like the Bombers but I think they take a step back despite bringing back all the pieces. Streveler had 700+ yds rushing & was a nice counter punch to Harris. Harris is 34 & was not only the rushing leader but the receptions leader - way too much dependence on one player. They tried to get Collaros a weapon at receiver but Burnham stayed put & Mitchell changed his mind. Medlock's loss cannot be underestimated. IF Harris can still handle the big workload & IF Collaros stays healthy it may not matter. This is still a solid team & that front 7 is maybe the best in the league but, as you mentioned, lost 2 All-Stars @ DB as well. Oh - & there's also LaPo. The majority of the team is back but there are some very key pieces missing which will be hard to replace. I wouldn't count them out but the competition in the West is going to be really strong as usual.

Simply put , in a nutshell . If Collaros goes down for any length of time (an almost certainty with his past history ) and misses significant playing time ? Well the BB's will suddenly go from Cup champions to also rans missing the play-offs in a heartbeat . There is a big difference from a guy going on a 3 game run at the end of the season to expecting it out him for a full season . In 2019 they had a safety net in Streveler . This year though when Zac goes down the BB's cupboard is basically bare .

The reality of it all is that it is more difficult to repeat the win than to get the win after a number of years trying. In 2019 the Bombers were a surprise team that the others didn't really take seriously enough. This season all teams will be gunning for the X-champions. Having the majority of their players back after a year off can also be a disadvantage because they have the pressure of trying to live the past. Plus the other teams will have a lot of video on their plays and formations. The one advantage they have this season is that it is a short season and if they maintain their entire team performance (stay Jelled) from the start they can get off to a quicker start than the other teams with new players and it will be easier to stay ahead than catch up. A lot of teams have players who have moved around so it is any body's season to win as they all have healed injuries, and most likely some rust !

I can't wait for this season to begin. The key to success for any team this season will be health. Not having football for so long will have an impact as player adjust to the hitting and speed of the game. With Saskatchewan having 4 injuries all the same, this could be a eye opener for all teams. Being in game shape is key.
On another note I expect there will be a great deal of media to pump the tires of tired old Toronto. With Toronto breaking the bank in their attempt to build a winning team I suspect there is going to be bias in media, and officiating. Not a slant against the officials but an observation of past behavior. Toronto's fan base is negligible and are no longer an anchor to CFL success. History means nothing if you have no fans. Doesn't the Atlantic Schooners have more fans than Toronto and they haven't even played a game yet? For a city of millions it is baffling they can't support the only true Canadian franchise sport in Canada.