If you know me, I have a Very Large ticat collection. But NO IWS TURF,I want some.

I need some old turf,

Can anyone please help me..... :cowboy:

i used to have some caught in my helmet after my team played a game there earlier in the year........

Google-Ivor Wynne Stadium turf. :thup: - Probably very good for indoor football , if there's enough?

When Grant/Mcdonald put in new turf in 02 or 03(?) one individual bought up all the old carpet and said he would eventually sell off pieces of it. Havnt heard a thing about it since.
Seen small pieces for sale on ebay but rarely.

I know that somewhere in the Kitchener/Waterloo area there is an indoor soccer complex that is using some of the old turf. Maybe they have an extra chunk of it sitting around.

You would have to do some research on where exactly in the area it is..

When they put in the new turf they did sell pieces of the it. It was at city hall for a couple of bucks and came with a certificate of authenticity.

Ancaster Wal-Mart look across the street to the west in the open field. I believe the old turf is still there. As said above one individual did buy it up and that is where he stored it. I had the info before but after the remodelling of the site I lost his information/ name & number.

I also wanted to get a chunk, and contacted the guy that bought it all.

He seemed interested in dealing with me, but I always had a hard time reaching him, and the couple of times that we were to meet, he cancelled on me.

When he stopped returning calls, I gave up.


The turf is still in Ancaster.

He's selling some pieces because a house I went to look at in Ancaster a few months ago had a 20 x 20 piece in his backyard. But it looked very rough.

I'm not sure what is funnier....that somebody wants to buy old astroturf...or that somebody else had a 20'x20' piece of it in their backyard.
Beats mowing the lawn I guess...

He was using the turf under his patio furniture.

It was pretty neat to see..