Looking for help to create a mod for Canadian football 2017

So the creates of Canadian football 2017 are releasing their game on steam on july 22nd, and they have released the files for the community to create mods for their game so that the mods may be available at launch. looking for a few CFL fans to help finish the mod .

Link to the original post which is on reddit. Well i cant post the link but it is on reddit under R/cfl with the name cfl mod for canadian football 2017 update.

If anyone needs the link to the reddit post i send it to you.

You're welcome to post the link to the CFL Reddit in these forums if you need to. Is there a technical reason (a block) in place?

When I tried to post the link it said that I do not have the ability to post links to of site. Probably because the account is to new.