Looking for "Final Season Football"

I figured Id post in here in hopes someone in tigertown can help me out! It seemed as though all through out the season those black and yellow final season footballs were everywhere...I went to buy one a couple times at games but decided instead to wait and grab one at the final game so I could get it autographed at the post game autograph session. Much to my dismay though, they ended up selling out a week or two before the game and apparently do not have any remaining in stock (which is why none were thrown out before the start of last weeks game.)

So, I was wondering if anyone out there has an extra they caught at the game or for some other reason has one they are willing to part with. Im willing to pay more then retail! So if your out there, and have one of these balls that your possibly willing to sell...please respond to this message or shoot me a pm! Or if you know where some are still available that info would be appreciated as well! Thank you