Looking for Expert Analysis

Okay, I'm a fan and not a football analyst. What exactly were the adjustments that we made on defence at the half. All first half Rico Murray looked like he was purposely trying to get as far away from Toronto receivers as possible. Second half he does the job.

On offense the change was obvious. Short passes over the line. Send our guys 7 yards and let them fight for extra.

I noticed that the 'Cats were bringing a linebacker on delayed blitz's of either edge...

I suspect Steinauer was banking on the fact the Argo's running game was limited by injury and that Ray was going to throw almost exclusively...

But it was a two pronged approach...The Offence using up so much time didn't allow the Argo Offence to get any sense of rhythm,and when they Argo Offence was on the field,the blitz's disrupted Rays timing greatly...

Simply put, more pressure i.e. a blitzing linebacker and control of the clock. Nickel an dime short passes which means 5-10 yards.

I think Austin and his coaching staff used the first half of the game to determine Toronto's weak spots
as well as their strong points.

The second half was used to capitalize on both of these factors and they did this with ball control.

Hamilton owned the football twice as long as did Toronto.

Also, Burris played one heck of a second half after having catchable balls dropped in the first half.

He played one of his best games today and was full value for the Cat's win. :thup:

Argos inability to handle HAM pressure, Argos abandoning run. Loss of Kackert was significant.

Well, one thing I noticed. At the end of the first half the scoreboard in the stadium said the Argos were behind by about 1 minute in time of possession: 14:27 to 15:33, I believe. End of game according to TSN: Cats 39:51 Argos 20:09.

That means the Cats were 24:18 second half, Argos 5:42. Is that even possible?

I was thinking the same thing. It almost looked like they were seeing what the Argos were going to do in the first half and then countering in the second. Argo had the lead so likely saw little need to make adjustments! Austin & Co seem to outcoach them every time!! :smiley: :thup: :thup: :thup:

IF this is the case.....

Absolutely BRILLIANT move by Austin..... lulling the Blew team into thinking, it's working keep with the norm....