Looking for CFL magazines

I've been looking for some CFL magazines. can someone help? I live in the USA, so it's a bit hard to find this. All i can get are NFL and NCAA magazines. sometimes AFL. But the magazines i really want are the CFL magazines!! any websites i can purchase?

Did you try any of the big box Book outlet chains? Sorry dont know what else to say

you can order CFL Magazine from this site.


You can get a subsrciption or single issues.This is a really great MAG. :smiley:

there are also..................CFL DVDS for each CFL TEAM...........and a DVD of last year GREY CUP game.

I can't even find them here in Winnipeg! Maybe I'll see if Chapters has them.. I guess that should have been my first guess. Stupid 7 Eleven! Doesn't carry anything but Playboy and WWE.

cool... did that cflmagazine.com website just launched within the past few hours? because i checked that site yesterday and it was still under construction. but yeah, thanks for the link.
Playboy and WWE are pretty good magazines too. :wink:

It's cflmagazine.ca not .com.

I'm not sure if they are available in any store. I get mine through subscription.

Just e-mail them at the link that I wrote here and they should be able to tell where to get them.

just e-mail them at the link that I wrote here.

I emailed them and now waiting for reply. thanks.

i did go to the bookstore and got myself Street&Smith Pro Football magazine... it's mostly the NFL, but there are 4 pages of CFL articles.

cool....they should respond soon.........