Looking for an Argo Fan


First time poster, long time fan.

I run a CFL Sim league where we build rosters and sim games based on real life statistics.

Very fun for all CFL fans.

Would love to add more native Canadians to the league, especially any fans of Ottawa, Montreal or Toronto. Feel free to ask any questions or PM me.

the argos are also looking for argo fans.

I figured this joke would drop at some point. LoL.

I'm also surprised no one is interested in this.

link to website, or more detail about the league?

Like "The Shield" name BTW - great show totally underrated. When it was on TV my wife wouldn't watch it, but I got it on DVD and she loved it.

Another Shield fan!? Too cool.

I just run the league on a forum which can be found here:

Just go to the bottom where it says CsFL. I'm looking for potential people to run Montreal, Toronto or Ottawa.

It's not very time consuming and lots of fun.

You basically assemble a CFL team and we use a program called Action! PC to simulate the games.

Next year we will probably limit rosters to 35 players (because injuries aren't really a thing) to make it easier.

Ok, took a look. I take it you pick real world players, but after 6 weeks won't the best one's be taken already? Also I don't have the program you speak of, do you need it?

Doesn't seem to be very active, no chat going on and I couldn't see any standings.

We do.

Yes, your team would already be assembled, but you can make transactions.

Also, in the offseason, each team will only be able to retain 15-20 players - and the rest will go into an offseason draft.

You don't need to buy the program.

We do most of our chat through Facebook and I send out box scores, stats, standings, etc. through e-mail.

Just wanted to bump this. Here is the current team:

Head Coach: Dave Dickenson

Trevor Harris
Antonio Pipkin
Drew Willy
Jean-Samuel Blanc - N
Rolly Lumbala - N
Mossis Madu
Tyrell Sutton
Emmanuel Arceneux
Juwan Brescacin - N
BJ Cunningham
Marken Michel
Drew Wolitarsky - N
Stanley Bryant
Michael Couture - N
Mike Filer - N
Christopher Greavel - N
Colin Kelly
Jason Lauzon-Seguin - N
Brandon Revenberg - N
Dakoda Shepley - N
Tony Washington
Randy Colling - N
Zach Evans - N
Michael Kashak - N
Shawn Lemon
AC Leonard
Adrian Tracy
Michael Wakefield
Marcus Bell
Samuel Eguavoen
Shayne Gauthier - N
DJ Lalama - N
Simoni Lawrence
Marc-Olivier Brouillette - N
Nakas Onyeka - N
Kahlen Branning - N
Emanuel Davis
Brandon Dozier
Taylor Loffler - N
Cauchy Muamba - N
Antoine Pruneau - N
Dominique Termansen - N
Cassius Vaughn
Tyler Crapinga - N

N - 23