looking for "A tradition of Excellence 1869 - 1994&quot

Hi Everyone, I am trying to locate a book about the Hamilton Tiger Cats the books title is "A tradition of Excellence 1869 - 1994" If you know where I can pick one of these up plaese let me know. I thought I had one from an abay seller But...... we won't go there! thanks for looking, Russ

I still have that book and I actually supplied the football cards for the photo insert "All Time Hamilton Tiger-Cats Dream Team" as selected by the fans of Hamilton, 1994. There must be a copy still kicking around in some used book store in Hamilton.

McMaster Mills Library has a copy on the 4th floor. While I don’t know if it’s officially open to the public, I doubt they’d say anything if you popped in, as they don’t check student/faculty IDs at all.

I got a call from Gary Josefik of Coldwell Banker Real Estate. He sponsored the book when it came out and said he has a few extra copies. Call him at 905 388 1110.



I supplied some of the programmes used in the pictures. (and didn't get all of them back but that's another story) I haven't looked for it in the bookstores recently but I thought it was still available (obviously not from what is being said here) I know my buddy picked up a copy recently he must have got it second hand.

Any copies of this book are probably going to be collectors items, many never went into circulation, ! A new reprinted version would be the only way to get one now. 1869-2009 ?

"A Tradition of Excellence 1869 - 1994" might some merit as a title. However, to be fair, an update/sequel to 2009 might have to be re-entitled "Let Me Rephrase That, 1995-2009." :smiley:


Oski Wee Wee,

Could 1995-2009 be called"a Tradition of exellence" ? :wink: what about "a Tradition of exellence 1869-1994, second addition augmented 1995-2009 " ? :?

check bookfinder.com that's where i found mine

There is one listed on eBay!