Looking for a Ti-Cat Fan


New to the board and hoping to make some friends I can talk CFL with.

I run a CFL Sim league where we build rosters and sim games based on real life statistics.

Very fun for all CFL fans.

Would love to add more native Canadians to the league, especially any fans of the east teams. Feel free to ask any questions or PM me.

Just gonna bump this guy. Here is the current team -

Head Coach: Wally Buono

Brandon Bridge - N
Travis Lulay
Matthew Shiltz
Don Jackson
Martese Jackson
Cameron Marshall
LaDarius Perkins
Weston Dressler
Felix Faubert-Lussier - N
Caleb Holley
Kendrick Ings
Bryant Mitchell
Darius Reynolds
Quentin Sims
Brandon Thompkins
Travis Bond
J'Michael Deane - N
Derek Dennis
Tyler Holmes - N
Jovan Olafioye
Justin Sorensen - N
Matt Vonk - N
Corey Watman - N
Kwaku Boateng - N
Justin Capiccotti - N
Fabion Foote - N
Willie Jefferson
Gabriel Knapton
Jake Thomas - N
Derek Wiggan - N
Cory Greenwood - N
Sam Hurl - N
Adam Konar - N
Christophe Mulumba-Tshimanga - N
Justin Tuggle
Tommie Campbell
Ciante Evans
Kevin Fogg
Jermaine Gabriel - N
Derek Jones - N
John Ojo
Ronnie Yell
Courtney Stephen - N
Sean Whyte

N - 20

Stop being a shill for your own site

We mostly operate out of Facebook and e-mail.

It's a fun league for CFL fans. I don't profit off of it, I'm only looking for some fans to join in on the fun.

I use to live in Canada and loved coaching the game and watching the CFL.

Sorry you have found this so annoying.

There's a thread on the main forum for fantasy leagues; take it there

Guess that is why they call Jack what they do...