Looking for a CFL team that fits me

You probaly hate me and dislike me for being a fan who is going through a tough time. But i just wanna set the record straight. I am looking at the eight remaing CFL teams that i feel would be a best bet for me to root for. I don't consider myself a gades fan let alone how some consider me a !@#!@ for leaving a returning. I can assure once the gades are back up I am not returning EVER. Starting now I am going to look for a CFL team and i am starting right now and looking at 1. Unique Jeresy Sweaters 2.Fans and Cheerleaders 3.Players and Coaches 4.Staduim. So i just wanna say that by wedensday i will be making my decison soon.

Didn't you go through this once before??? Didn't you pick a team that time?

Like the last time you posted this crap NO ONE CARES pick a team and shut up!

Dude What's your PROBLEM.

Let me guess how this works.....we put forth our best convincing arguments as to why we should be so honoured to have you root for our team, then you graciously give us your undying support until your new team ticks you off.....how about you just go cheer for Winnipeg.....

.....my apologies to all Peggers.....

.........yes, cheer for the Bombers, you and Kanga will get along nicely.....

It's not like that JM i am ticked off the City does not have the gull to support a team like the Rens.

I can fully appreciate your disappointment. However, that does not mean that you have to post this thread for the second time, when you got an overwhelmingly negative response the first time 'round. Learn from experience, buddy, and choose your own team.

It would have nothing to do with posting this in each teams site oh about a month ago. ANd your response was the same so what the heck do you expect! Yep Piggy he is yours!
Thats see he posts like a bomberfan, walks like a bomberfan and thinks like a bomberfan Must be a bomberfan!

Says the guy who asks us who to root for :roll:

Why don't you go read all these topics you've posted in and then make a decision. I for one don't care who you pick.

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if you picking a team involves some of your money going to that team you may cheer for the bombers. i realize that it will be a short lived relationship with your history but I am sure we would be happy to see any money you have to offer. other than that I don't care and would rather not hear your bitching and moaning any longer.

Cheer for Toronto or Montreal for a year and then hope and pray the gades come back. Then suck it up and bring out as many of your friends and family members and watch them lose for a few years with the hope that a second miracle will happen and they'll one day have a winning season!

Duckmonk, to help you out with this one (cause apparently you aren’t bright enough to figure it out for yourself), tell us a little bit about yourself. Picking a team is usually about emotions.

A lot of people pick a team because they are from their hometown.

If you like cheering for underdogs, Sask. is a good choice - they nearly always find a way to lose, even when it doesn’t look likely.

If you like cheering for winners (or evil), Edmonton is a good pick.

ETC, ETC, ETC — you have to outline the criteria that fit you - then the team will fill itself in. If you don’t know who you are, what makes you believe we would know ??

I was really hoping to avoid this thread if I could, but now that my team and name is at sake here, I'll say something


ha ha, got ya, but really, I don't care who Duck goes for, he has poven himself a crazy fan of a NHL team that has been long overdue for a relocation date with Oklahoma, cuz the hype created by those movies is all but over and it's about time that somebody take the disney teams of Anahiem and Miami and move them to markets that have no pro teams and make them profitable and useful to the NHL.

Kanga Disney does not own a team anymore. Disney is not in Miami!

yeah, I know, what are those new owners thinking?

and you can't tell me that in 1993, they didn't payoff the NHL to expand to Anaheim and Florida (again), where both their parks are, and one is named after one of there movies.

something is rotten in the NHL...

Kanga they owner the mighty ducks but that was it! They no longer own them. The Panthers are owned by the Block Buster empire!

ah, a movie rental shop empire, the plot thikens...

Disney likly pay them off to own them whille they ran the Anaheim teams.