Looking for a Canadian Football Field for an art project


I'm looking for a graphic of a Canadian football field (preferably a real photo, but a drawn picture will do), but I'm having trouble finding the kind I need. The shot needs to be a flat overhead like this:


All I can find online are American Football fields :frowning:

Can anyone help me out? I'd really appreciate it.

There's one here

[url=http://www.oquarterback.com/2011/07/cfl-e-futebol-canadense-parece-futebol-americano-mas-nao-e/]http://www.oquarterback.com/2011/07/cfl ... mas-nao-e/[/url]

Thanks, PiCat!

I might use this if I can't find something bigger and higher res. Can you tell me how you found that one? I might be able to duplicate your search approach to find some more.

It's strange because a few years ago it was easy to hit google and find lots of Canadian Football fields in flat overhead. I wonder what happened?

I searched images.google.com for Canadian Football Field. I had to scroll down six pages before I found it.

Odd that the site I found it on is in Portuguese (I think), innit?

I also found this one from Gridiron New Brunswick, but it's not nearly as good.


No kidding, lol. I didn't even know the CFL's scope went that far.