Looking back on last years draft

With everything that happened this year I decided to take a look back at how our draft went last year and it's almost as though Popp knew every hole we would need to fill this offseason.

At the time I remember people questioning Popp's choices after drafting 3 receivers but now it would be interesting if one or the first two of them got a shot at the team next year. Those two receivers are big guys and if they can develope into Claremont type receivers that would be great.

According to the Montreal Gazette Okeke is expected to retire this offseason leaving us with a hole at tackle but wait we drafted a 6"7 329 llb tackle with our third pick.

Also if we lose Belli to free agency yet again we took a big defensive lineman from Marshall wit hour fifth pick

Oh and Boulay was able to step right in and contribute this year.

While im not expecting all these guys to make the team this year you gotta figure that with the holes we got to fill this offseason a few of them will get serious looks at