Looking back on 2011

It was a tough year by alouette standards but still lots of positives to look back on.

Sean Whyte setting a new team consecutive FG mark in Calgary with the streak ending in Hamilton.

Jamel Richardson's 12 hundred yard games including the record breaker at home against Calgary.

Calvillo's 3 records all broken vs. the argos with a sweep to boot.

Sweeping the esks and beating the riders in their house.

Setting a new playoff scoring record vs. hammy in the playoffs despite the loss.

Josh Bourke winning lineman of the year.

First place tie and only one point short of finishing first in the east.

Second best average attendance in the recent history of McGill.

Pretty much a full plate of good memories and still defending back to back champs until some other team duplicates the feat :wink:

In the end Trestman's mantra held true: 'The pursuit was indeed the reward'.

Ticats beating the Als 3 times, including the Eastern Semi final in the Big O !! :smiley:

And yet look where both teams are as of today :wink: New coach, new coordinators for a third year in a row and byebye Hickman, Thigpen,Rottier,Medlock :roll: We don't do rentals in Montreal we take our lumps and just get back tow work. You'll see :cowboy:

Sure, you beat our third-string D. Good job, really quite a feat. :lol:

I'll always cherish the 9/11 game. In memory of the victims of new york we kicked tabby ass. 2 years in a row by the way. :thup:

And we're still waiting for hammy to win one at mcgill. it's been what.....10 years now? :stuck_out_tongue:

Bombers beating the ticats 4 times, including the East final in Frigidpeg. How do you go from 52 to 3 measly points in one week? :lol:

Dwight Anderson posted this on his facebook...

Montreal I'm on my game i can't wait to kickoff 2012 season.....DA will be back stronger then ever....watch me 33

Could he have made peace with the Alouettes organization?

Nah, he'll be released.

If only because he used "then" when I think he meant "than."


LMAO... You know you will have to explain yourself to the new guys :wink:
BTW you cured me :slight_smile:

so on facebook the habs have close to a million likes. the impact 30,000, the alouettes 76,000 and the expos 126,000. Can't really blame Lalonde for much on his first year, he doesn't have a whole lot to work with. Slowly but surely. :?

CFL its not important how many fans you have its the relationship you have with the fans you do have.

I was waiting for the store to open up, would check in every couple weeks. So at Xmas time I made myself a list of items that I wanted to purchase. I figured I'd get lucky on some. Had my wish list and was prepared to spend some money.

1- Fitted cap (one or two)
2-Duffle bags (one or two) Used them instead of luggage when travelling and keep one in the car for business trips and another one for Hot Yoga.
3- Cool T-shirts (short and long sleeve)
4- Leather embossed jacket.

So I figured worst case I check out with caps and T-shirts. NO, not one item on my checklist to be had. All caps are flex caps or snap back. No cool Tees, no bags no jacket. Just boring old Reebok crap that's been there years and game jerseys that we all know are being replaced this season.

Why spend time and money and essentially come back with the same product offering might even be lesser ? They want to make money start talking to your fans... Had 200 to 500 bucks I wanted to spend with them and they ended up with ZERO.

As far as I am concerned the Als business office has no one else to blame but themselves.

he he he. they should check out this cool montreal band. :rockin:


Grunging TFO of an Ernie Ball :rockin:

Would love to see Bo Bowling get a real chance this year, to either bring back kicks or be a regular receiver on the team. That exibition game last year, i could of sweared it was younger Ben out there. I can see him as AC’s go to guy for that 2 yards for the 1st down.