Looking back and looking ahead...

I sure hope Brady Browne spends a lot of time watching film this week. With both Logan and Gallant injured, he's pretty much our only option at safety. Ironic that the same week we cut Ike Charlton, we have a ratio-changing injury on the Oline. If Fritz gets the start this week, we could have started Ike at safety...but that's neither here nor there. Our safety spent so much time out of position this week, it was almost like we were playing without one. Heal quickly Ian.

Hicks and Smith did just fine in their debut,IMO. Both got some big licks in, and didn't look out of place. They're only gonna get better.

I guess the Fred Reid haters will take the week off. Freddy, I thought, had his best game in some time. 12 carries for 98 yards is pretty good. Also caught 4 passes.

Count me as one of Adarius Bowman's supporters. Have been since he got here. I know he had one critical drop (how catchable it was is debatable, but ya gotta get that one), but I was pretty happy with everything else he did. Been waiting for him to have a game like that for a while. I'm willing to bet he keeps that up from here on out.

Can we please stop treating Jyles like a backup qb for the first quarter + of every game? Why the heck do we wait until the 3rd quarter to open it up and pour it on? Or does it just seem like that? Seems like we're too afraid make a mistake in the first quarter.

We need to play all game every game like we played the 3rd quarter on Saturday. We know the team can do it. No excuses not to.

Going to be interesting to see what defensive changes, scheme and/or personnel are made to deal with the Ticat Receivers.


Well on your last point Kubie, I really think it's about time Kavis Reed earns his pay as a defensive coordinator. So far I'm not impressed. For the first half you had Suber out there, and in the second half it was Kent, but neither are capable of covering Bruce one on one, so they've got to give them some help, whether by trying to double team Bruce or changing up the schemes or something else, but something's gotta be done. McDaniel and Mann were pretty much non-factors, but Bruce is a one man wrecking crew and it'll be a long night for the defence again unless something is changed up.

I'm impressed with Smith, and you're right Hicks didn't look out of place. . . I'm sure he's glad he beat out Kent for that position, otherwise he might have been the one getting burned by Bruce all second half. . .

I think Kavis will be under the microscope this week. He has to make this defence work with the folks we have in the lineup. Time to fish or cut bait.

IMO Reed has been doing a good job. We knew coming into the season that the secondary might be an issue. With all of the injuries and inexperience in the defence I think they have played incredibly well. We rank second in the least yards of net offence allowed and fourth in points allowed (Hamilton, Toronto, Edmonton and Saskatchewan have given up more points) despite all of the changes and injuries. If we had any player continuity from game to game I'm sure we would rank even higher in the least points allowed category.

As for next week, I'm sure he and Lapo will talk about Bruce and make the necessary adjustments.

We have to beat Hamilton at home, you can write off the Als game and the game in SK ! You can still salvage the season at 3 - 6 ! Win the return match with SK and go from there !

Hey…come on now…

I don’t think any games should be write-offs for this team…

May be a bit strong, but I just don't see us winning those two games !

They'll be tough...but I honestly don't see any reason why we couldn't win them.

Kent looked pretty good last game in my opinion when he was on the field, Hicks and Smith are really good players and can only get better!! :thup:

Anything can happen in the CFL and ANY team can win on every given night

We have a very good team, our problem is too many injuries to key player's, we will be just fine