Looking at the standings today...

After week 5, the West is all tied up at 3-2, except for Sask. ahead by a single win. It’s going to be a really tight season this year and every game is going to count big time. Then there’s the East…lol.

There will be a crossover. It will happen. Sk/BC would make it more guts and Glory with the rivialry, but Calgary is probably going to place 1st or 2nd thereby not allowing that crossover to exist.

Cross over is almost assured this year - given that the 4th place team in the west is most likely going to be higher in the standings then the 3rd place in the East. My guess is that you will see Edmonton cross over

As I am a Lion fan first,and wish them to be there, A Calgary Edmonton Grey Cup would be fun!

I think edmonton will crossover