Looking ahead to the Calgary game

Just wanted to pose a few questions here and get a feel of where people think we are.

Is Calgary a tougher opponent for Hamilton than Winnipeg?

Two glaring differences between the upcoming Calgary game and the last Winnipeg game:

1)The return of Lumsden and Armstead.

  1. Printers having more practice and one game experience.

How much will those two aspects affect the ability of the Ti-Cats to perform no matter who the opponent is?

Is Burris better than Glenn?

Is Reynolds better than Roberts?

Should we win this game?

Can we win this game?


i honestly dont think that we can win this game. i mean has our O-line got better?? or has ANYTHING changed since saturday?

I agree: the problems with this team are deep, and are not going to be corrected by the next game (on a short week, no less).

Calgary is already looking forward to the 2 points.

Our weak secondary will get burnt all day by Burris.

All the improvements you have mentioned are on offense. The fact is Burris will shred our secondary just like every other QB. Until the secondary and D-Line improve, we will continue to lose.

I can't see it happen this Friday.


^^ Exactly.
The O-line needs to step up too. I don't want to see 4 first half sacks.
I'm sure CP doesn't appreciate it much either.

This excerpt from an article by Matthew Sekeres in today's edition of the National Post causes one to wonder whether Jesse Lumsden should sit out another game or two until he is pain-free:

"I want to get back as fast as I can, but I want to make sure I am ready to go and be able to help. I don't want to go out there and not be able to finish the game," said Lumsden, who suggested he might have to freeze the injured area Friday to deal with the pain. "I feel very good, and my mind is in a good place right now. I feel mentally and physically strong."

All I care is that the Cats don't go out there and get dominated again like they are the other teams bitches. Its very shameful..

Kirk, I honestly believe the Cats could win any game they play. The talent is there.

Should they win the game? No. The effort and coaching is not there.

Here's what I'm hoping:

  1. Lumsden will not only help the running game, but his talent at blocking should improve protection for Printers.

  2. Being Printers' second game should make him a little more familiar with the O-line and the receivers. He might be able to go through his progressions quicker thus allowing him to get rid of the ball quicker, or the decision to tuck the ball and run.

  3. Armstread is our number 1 receiver. His return gives Printers an option that should be open, and if it isn't it just might be due to extra attention (double coverage) thus allowing other receivers to get open more easliy than usual.

Go ahead, call me an optimist or a fool.

I've also noticed in the stats that Calgary's defence has surrendered alot of points. If our struggling offence can take advantage of that then our D should be on the field less.

Burris is renowned to be a streaky passer. As of late he's been burning up the league, so hopefully he's due for a dud. Hopefully they're taking us for granted.

Keeping fingers crossed.

we must improve on both lines to have a chance in any game. We don't get enough pressure on the QB this puts way too much pressure on the secondary to cover for 5 or 6 seconds. Anyone in this league is going to find a way to get open during that time. We wanted to bring pressure last week against Winnipeg but we're still a step slow. The end result. Big plays! Its the exact opposite for our O line we can protect therefore we are forced to throw short passes. Screens, hooks, slants hoping our WR can break one for a big play. If we can sure up the lines we have enough talent to compete with teams. Hopefully with Jesse back he can take a bit of pressure off the passing game and chip in with a few big runs. The Calgary offence is hitting on all cylinders finding a way to slow them down is going to be difficult but it can be done. But you first you cannot let Burris get in a rhythm and you must be able to get pressure with just the front four.

I agree that Armstead is the best receiver we have but if the proper calls arent made then good receiver or not Printers will have noone to throw too

The O-Line MUST give Printers more time to get the ball off, the pocket was collapsing before Printers even caught the ball off the snap..

Give him a little more time + some down field routes..and we could see a decent improvement on offence.

Just compete, guys. LMAO :wink:

Get out of the single digits for points scored, knock some folks around, hustle, make some plays, and don't roll over.

In other words: NO MORE GAMES LIKE SATURDAY'S! :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

If Lumsden and Armstead both play, this could be the upset of the year. I would say that Calgary should and likely will win, but the boost of getting Lumsden back would be incredibly huge.

Calgary played great on Saturday but the Riders could not have played much worse in all areas so it is not really a true indication of where things are at.