Looking ahead to 2007

As I gaze into my crystal ball, I can see good things happening in Hamilton for 2007. I think Paopao's and Kauahi's releases were addition by subtraction and if they're eventually replaced by more productive guys, all the better for next year. I think today's Spectator article about the leadership vaccuum on the team will largely correct itself with this season of adversity under their belts and this year's new guys (Maas, Ranek, Holmes et al) with the help of Hitchcock and Morreale assume team leadership roles for 2007. I don't think anyone doubted the quality of the players on the team this year. The off-season additions were all proven CFLers still in their prime so the raw material to forge a good team are there. Plus there should be stability at the HC position by then to put it all together, either a proven CFL guy like Taafe or a younger guy with upside like BC's Chapdelaine.

This season is a write-off but wait'll next year.

An Argo fan

No write-off for this fan for this year Barney, to see us win agains't you guys will make the Argos the new laughing stock, and I can't wait to see this happen.


well, you'll have to wait, cuz it wont happen this season.

We'll see there dg, we will see. Yes, a long shot to win but anything can happen in the world of sports you know.
Everyone will be afraid of losing now to the toothless Cats!

Earl, you may be interesetd in some land I have for sale down in the Everglades.....

An Argo fan

Funny Barney, real funny. Grrrr....


Popcorn? :wink: