Lookin Really Good.

Albiet against BC but they getting it!
Fajardo is looking calm and collected…and in charge of the offense.
Looking Really Good!

Yah playing well in all area’s except that last screwup. Cory lookin good

Only area that jumps out is obviously the kick/missed convert returns for touchdowns.
Without those 2 returns however the score would be looking worse for Lions

Not a lot of passing yards by Fajardo but made good passes when needed. He’s no longer our backup. Definitely our starter.

The big test will be next week. So far we’ve beat up on a few bottom feeders. I think they can take the next step. Look for them to win the next 4.

They have some cleaning up to do for sure but Yah I think they are gaining confidence, they’re starting to get some chemestry and settling in to the system.
Barring crazy mistakes and over confidence I agree they’re ready as you say to take the next step.
Stronger chemistry and greater confidence with every win now.
Looking good

by far the best the D has looked
best the OL has looked
ST is still horrid on coverage

…BC is plain bad though…so not putting a lot into it at this point. The 2 teams they have wins against have a combined 1 win…and that one win was against each other.

Still…this was a beating and hope the team hits a stride coming out of it

I think winning both games against BC was important for their confidence as well as the standings. Yes BC isn’t the greatest team, but they still needed the wins. Defence looked better last game and although Fajardo didn’t get lots of passing yards, he made some good decisions. I wonder what is up with Micah Johnson though?

With Johnson…remember that his coach just got canned.

Johnson isn’t getting the stats…his job is to eat 2 blockers…because of that, the 2 starting DE ar 1 and 3 in sacks.

Beating BC was 2 wins that had to happen…the absolute beatdown was something else though.

As bad as this D has looked a lot of the time…especially tackling…they are getting better each week. The team was right in game 1 against a team that started blistering hot…and even down their QB probably win if a challenge is used. The Calgary game was a 12 point margin going into the 4th…when they fell apart after the coach admitted to forgetting the score and admitting he was too lax on them on a short week (2 practices iirc). I think the team is teetering on being ok or good. This game maybe answers that

You’ve made your points on “Past” games, and also have observed that the team and Dickenson in your opinion are improving both in play and coaching.
What’s more important imo is what/how the team and all coaching transpirers in the future…like this next game against Hamilton (not what has happened in past games), which I predict the Riders will win.
What will be said then?

So past performance means nothing? Sorry, but when evaluating anything you have to look at history, here and now, progression, and potential based on the trend of that. I’m not going to stick my head in the sand about issues from the past, just like I’m not even coming close to saying he isn’t cutting it and acknowledging he is new in the role and learning.
Last game aside, he’s made glaring errors each week. Now it is a matter of continuing his evolution. He’s shown that he is learning from mistakes for the most part. As long as he continues absorbing the mentoring, he will likely be good overall…not calling him there yet.

Put it this way…of all the new HC this season…he is not at the top to date, but definitely not at the bottom. I do believe the potential is there to finish at the top though.

Well a well seasoned Head Coach Dickenson is not, that’s obvious.
He’s made a few mistakes, that’s a given being a rookie (HC)
Is he improving, yes as you point out and I agree if we add ‘experience’ to his transparent approach and "Team"Philosophy, Dickenson is going to have a Positive impact on the Riders and Fans.
Having said that, WINS is what’s going to determine how successful it will appear Dickenson is.
Having not been to all the practices etc. it appears to me however, that Dickenson puts a lot of trust ‘on’ his players to perform and that can have a real positive affect. Players start playing for the coach, for the team…not just to keep their position which can happen if a coach is a commandant.
I think this game against Hamilton here tonight is going to show alot, I think it’s going to be good.

What an exciting game! My first from Pil Country. I would honestly recommend it

Solid game…it was nice to see him challenge a call…and win.

I felt like for the most part this was the first time CD outcoached someone…though the “play to not lose” almost cost the game lol

Good call to challenge and was the right decision. I thought the O Line was excellent against a very good defence in Hamilton.
The D was however I think was not as sharp as I thought they would be with the preasure. Seemed at times the Hamilton QB had way to much time.

Next win in Montreal…

I thought the pressure was fabulous…until Johnson went down. There was a big lul there until they figured a few things out.