Look who's back in the CFL

I never would have expected Reinebold to come back. He didn't exactly do a great job with the Bombers but I guess the Als see something in him. This could prove to be interesting...

Rita just popped his hemorroid.

He has been a good position coach, I wouldn't announce this as a terrible hire.

Now Jim Daily as the TiCats new ST coach is another matter.

On the bright side, if both crap the bed, it will only help the Bombers :lol:

But someobdy will still have to buy a new matress.

My god...this is a joke right?

[url=http://www.cbc.ca/sports/football/cfl/story/2012/02/03/sp-cfl-tiger-cats-coaches.html]http://www.cbc.ca/sports/football/cfl/s ... aches.html[/url]

oh man....I hadn't seen that....I hope for Cat fans he does better than he did in Regina, Could not see a trick play coming if the punter was subbed for the QB and never ran a sneak play or reversal or ANYTHING in an entire year. Had 2 previously great returners go sour on him in one season (I still believe that was all him).

WOW...I am just shocked! He seems to have zero vision and didn't seem to have any player respect. This is stunning!

I still can not get over it. I would be looking at someone from CIS or even a highschool ball coach before I looked at Daly. Heck...Hire Marshall on as ST coach.

With all these bad hire in the East, The Riders should have no problem getting the crossover :lol:

It's still early to make predictions, there's plenty of time for them to shoot themselves in the foot.

Rider fans tend to shoot themselves in the head :smiley:

Hey the list is long of failed Head Coaches, really nothing to be to ashamed of, it happens. Look at Matt Dunigan as a quick example, he looked terrible, but managed to get over it. Ron Lancaster's first stint was not very memorable,Paul Lapolice looked pretty pathetic his first year (Buck saved him) Hopefully Jeff will do just fine! Maybe if he was to lose the ear rings? In my family only the girls wear ear rings.

Pretty sure that's a headset and not earings. :lol: :lol:

Are you being serious? Who cares whether or not he wears earrings?

I always had a feeling you were secretly "head over heels" in love with the Riders. Good on ya for comming clean on this. :rockin: :rockin:

Other than girls, I do make exception for Indians and Pirates :lol: How was I to know you wore earrings :cowboy:

Doesn't Michael Bishop wear earrings ?

He probably does, never noticed.

I was speaking tongue in cheek, I have no problem with people with ear rings, I have friends that wear ear rings and pony tails, I do kid them about it though, especially the 2 guys I know that are Professors at McMaster University. One of them was a 8th grade teacher, never had a pony tail or earring until he became a Professor at Mac, immediately he went out and bought himself a Camel hair jacket with patches on the elbows, grew a pony tail and had his ears pierced.

I kid him about it, and he attacks my grammar in response...all in good fun :wink: :smiley:

There are quite a few stamps who wear earings. One guy even wore red contacts and a bra :wink:

Good one, I heard that also :smiley:

I think he’ll do fine. He was teriffic as ST coach with the Lions in the early 90s. He’s smart and enthusiastic. His stint as HC in Winnipeg was a disaster, but HC is a completely different job than coordinator. And although I suppose he could have handled things in WInnipeg better, he was doomed to fail in that era when the Bombers had no payroll and hence little talent to work with.

Now THAT's a head scratcher. 2010 the Riders had THE WORST season of special teams probably that I have ever witnessed. They had so many punts blocked, Luca Congi ended his career, they had woeful return yardage, gave up the most long returns, and then to top it all off madea BONEHEAD call in the GC sending TWO returners back and 3rd and 2, begging the Als to fake the punt and extend the drive.