Look who I found - Tim Cheatwood

Timmy Cheatwood Still Playing ball

[url=http://www.clevelandgladiators.com/team/roster/index.html?player_id=266]http://www.clevelandgladiators.com/team ... yer_id=266[/url]

And guess who else? None other than that mediocre Qb that some thought, for reasons I will never understand, was the second coming of Bernie Faloney. . . none other than one Kevin Eakin:

[url=http://alabamavipers.com/team/roster/index.html?player_id=12]http://alabamavipers.com/team/roster/in ... ayer_id=12[/url]

His name is Jason Maas.

Never seen so much hype around a brutal QB with a poor attitude.

People loved Kevin Eakin because, and correct me if I'm wrong, that was during the "Danny Mac sucks" era. Eakin wasn't McManus and that's all that mattered to the bonehead fans. It was sad how McManus was run out of town. We kinda deserved the string of mediocre QBs we had after him because that was no way for a legend to be treated.

Clip, save, frame.

I was watching the NFL TV Channel last night and noticed ex-Tiger-Cat Defensive End Tim Cheatwood #49 playing for the Cleveland Gladiators of the Arena Football League in a game against the Chicago Rush, glad to see Cheatwood still active in playing ball. I always enjoyed watching Tim play in Hamilton as I'm sure many Cat fans enjoyed his play here as well. Tim Cheatwood was always a force on our Defensive Line.

I believe you meant Jason Maas, not Kevin Eakin, didn`t you Crash?

I thought the Arena league was finished, capuut, done.

Certainly their season has been changed.. I remember waiting for a player or two to join the team after the AL had finished and our regular schedule was starting...