Look to the CIS

As an Als fan I believe a grave error was made by your Ti Cats late in the 4th Quarter when the kicking team was sent in in a situation where your Ti Cats were faced with a third and one yard while in a good field situation- bad call!

Your scouts should be looking at the CIS now where there are several kickers-place kickers doing well at this time. Rob Maver of Guelph is a shining star- a first round pick for sure. Western has Darryl Wheelan, Acadian has Mike Godfrey and Laval has a Chris Milo who has not the stats of Rob Maver but has been productive for Laval. There are several Canadians in the CIS who are potential pros. Any team that is looking for a Canadian kicker should scout these guys!

If Maver is available when the Cats pick first (2nd round, I believe) I'd take him for sure.

why do we want a canadian kicker?
we have an american kicker that buys kids shoes...