Wigman152 your the only one that needs a life the next game your bombers lose which will be the next one you will be getting it from me.

i don't really understand that remark unless you mean the bombers will win everygame until they play calgary again which is the last game of the season. i being a bomber fan incredibly doubt that will happen, but i can always hope.

Ha ha ha good one yogi good one now take the other two stooges with ya!

i'm not trying to be a jerk like those other 2 a$$holes. i honestly don't understand what you mean by that comeback to wigman. please explain it

I know I have PM'd you on this i=I was joking with you on this it is more to get the other two then you.
Take Care

…wigman152…because you are a low-life and I rightly assumed you wouldn’t believe me concerning my mother’s death I offered for you to pm Third and Ten…after I had disappeared for some time in June he asked why, I told him, no one else…there’s your proof…I’ll barely accept your feeble a$$ attempt at an apology…

…you want to make ridiculous attempts at trash talk to me personally?, bring it on small man, you’re a flyweight in the trash talking arena…you want to trash talk the team I support?, big deal, get in line, you think your weak-a$$ attempts to dis the stamps are original?, there not …

…the best you can come up with is pottymouth toilet humour?..wow, we are so not impressed…tell, me, at 24 years of age, how does it feel to be attempting grade nine again?..do the other kids make fun of you, I hope not, that would be cruel…the world is full of cruelty, and it has obviously affected you ability to function properly in normal human discourse…I pity you, you are a poor soul trapped in a hateful shell of a pseudo-man…you’re not a real man, just a scared and lonely man-child…try to improve and the world around you will improve with you…

R&W - I, like most other posters here, am sorry for your loss. I also think that Toupeeboy there has no class, and were he a real man he would have owned what he wrongfully said and apologized at the first possible moment. He did not, and what you considered to be a "feeble attempt" was not even close to that. Toupeeboy, you have a lot of growing up to do. 24 years old my ass. . .Most 24 year olds at least give the pretense of being mature. You don't even try to make us believe that.

Wigman152, I would like to bring your attention to the presence of moderators on this forum. I am one of them, and so is RedandWhite. I know he wont use his mod-powers to silence you because he is involved in this exchange of words, and it would look like a conflict of interest.

I am not in conflict of interest.

I have erased some of the pointless and gratuitous insults you posted earlier, and have noticed CFLpm about your behaviour. He his this forums main administrator and can ban posters if he deems it necessary.

Shall you remain a member of this forum, Id like you to remember there are many ways to cheer for your team and poke fun at your rivals, other that lacking respect for individual and communities. Is that how you would act in a face-to-face conversion in real life? I doubt so. It is not any more appropriate to act this way when hidden behind your computer screen.

Me too. Just stumbled on to this today, but will be watching closely to see how these guys respond. Obviously they are taking full advantage of the anonymity, but would be surprised if either of them show any class whatsoever and for my money if I don't see any Bomber fans gettin on these idiots I am going to assume that they support this crap.

It's truly dissapointing to see the real Bomber fans supporting these guys, but hey maybe they feel the same way. Kind of reminds me how all the Rider fans started dissapearing when all of a sudden they had to be accountable for what they have said in the past.

Rest assured you have my support here.


Sorry Bomber fans. I posted in haste and should have read more before taking some of you to task. I was wrong to say what I did.


these two guys havent been on in like two days.

Hello R&W, sorry to hear about your loss. However and I will try to put this as delicatly as possible, you've got to stop taking things so literally and personal. I haven't seen what the dude said since its been deleted but I am assuming it was some sort of your mamma crap. When people say that kind of stuff, and admit I've said shite like that on other forums, they don't mean anything by it. Its a sports forum, dudes sometimes talk like they would or used to in the locker room. When he made the comment, you should have just blown it off. Sorry I'm not trying to minimize your loss, and he should have shown a little class after he found out you were serious, but don't take trash talk personal or don't engage in it period.

…no offence taken from you Freak…some of this thread has been edited so you might not be seeing the entire history so I’ll break it down for you…I did settle down like two posts later saying that wig had know idea that he was touching a tender nerve…how could he?..so you’d think then that a reasonable person would come back, see what had happened and then say, " hey geez dude, I was joking, sorry but I didn’t mean it that way" and all this would’ve been over…but he comes back, makes some comment about the stamps, a horse, and fellatio between and then proceeds to say 'oh big deal, im sorry but R&W might not be telling the truth…at that point Freak, he becomes dirt, worse than dirt cause at least dirt can sustain earthworms…we’re all reasonable people but I don’t have to take that kind of crap…

hmmm, the bombers kept pace spanking the gades, maybe they will make a race out of it yet.

Ah but the Stamps have a game in hand and I think the Riders may have something to say.

I hope we do too! :oops: