Look out BC

Look out BC... we're coming for you...

you must get by sask first my friend.i hope the stamps are thinking the same thing and we catch them sleeping.see you in calgary

Just in case you did not know Larry is a rider fan trolling!

That's my call also, Joe.
Calgary is thinking exactly like our new friend Larry.

But don't worry. In am sure Calgary will be at the Grey Cup.
I hear there are still endzone seats available.

Rider fans don't troll....?

Really you just proved your point to be wrong!

I had a point...?

Yes and your point was trolling! And you proved that! :lol:

Man, i read the thread, but isnt it disgusting how many ppl are honestly already counting out the riders? Especially when they play their best when ppl overlook them… I have nothign against Calgary, but they better watch out…

Jman the original poster is a rider fan trolling!

Rider fans don't troll....?!

Arius kma! you troll all the time!

A little bubble gum, some thread and a twenty dollar bill and you can keep 2005 going forever.

Rider fans never troll.....

...they mostly spincast...

...exactly...and I think 2005 looks good with a hook in his mouth...but don't worry...I catch and release....

You are a moron and it shows in everyone of your posts! I nominate you for the Warner award! You make a good replacement!

He can dish it out, but he can't take it.
I owed you one for this :

Right kiss my arius! ha ha ha ha Sorry Arius had too!
If the fish keep bitin'....I think you need to lighten up...

Hey rw05.....that's enough of the name calling.....

.....back to the subject at hand, I don't think the Lions have much to look out for except maybe taking their WSF opponent too lightly....if Wally allows his club to ride on their laurels the Riders or Stamps could upset them, but that would be a true upset....probably against all odds...stranger things have happened but the Lions do look pretty unbeatable at the present....

Who knows which team will show up this Sunday? Both teams have played Jekyll/ Hyde football. Both team's fans hope the "good" team shows up so that it will be an interesting game!

Till Sunday