Look on the bright side

  1. We won’t lose next week.

  2. As amazing as it seems, we could still conceivably be in 2nd place after Labour Day.

  1. Our next game is against the blue team.

There will be changes
we have 18 days
One should not be our head coach
But we do need help DL OT WR
WR coach DL Coach Need to be Replaced.

I'd Agree if Charlie had lost the locker room
He has not . they guys still Believe in him.

people keep saying how we can still make the playoffs and we are still in contention for the playoffs...and i agree, a playoff spot is very possible......BUT we haven't beaten a team other than the blue team....and we only have one more game against them....

yeah, my whole "bright side" does kinda fall apart there, doesn't it?

If there is ever a team in the history of the CFL that doesn't deserve to make the playoffs, it is this team. It would be a disgrace to the CFL if the Ticats made the playoffs. In fact, right now, there is only one team in the East that should make the playoffs. I would love to see the Cats in the playoffs but they don't deserve to be there.

The 1981 Ottawa Rough Riders didn't deserve to make the playoffs and they ended up almost interrupting Edmonton's 5 straight Grey Cups.

Doesn't matter. A team that has played as poorly as this team has played, has no place making the playoffs. It reflects poorly on the league, whether you like it or not, for a team this bad to make it into the playoffs. If this is the case, they should just let every team in even if they have gone winless all season.

A bit dramatic don't ya think??

I can see tcfan's point. A playoff spot is a reward for a decent season. If this team doesn't improve over the rest of the season, they don't deserve to be rewarded in any way. They are seriously AWFUL!!

Besides, does anyone think they'd do anything in the playoffs even if they did manage to get in? Would it really matter to anyone if they extended their season by another week because that's about as long as their playoff run would last?

An Argo-Cat fan

The only real bright side I see is that Obie has 18 days to make some changes somewhere on this team. AND THE SOONER THE BETTER!

The O-line offers no pass protection and again...no pass rush from the defense.

Can someone please find Frank Kush so he can slap some of these guys upside the head.

There are 10 games to go, which should be plenty of time to improve.