Look on the bright side, Ottawa fans...

... now you have a team named the Roughriders you can cheer for again!

Grey Cup champs, then losing so many players afterwards, and STILL hosting the eastern semi the next season - is nothing to overlook. Ottawa has the fans, the management and the nucleus to be back in it in 2018. Pretty good run, IMO

Plus they will host a great Grey Cup party.

sorry but it is TWO WORDS .......................... Rough Riders!!!!

BTW ..... now we cheer for the Argos of all teams :-X

NO ONE WANTS a west vs west Grey Cup

Last time I checked the Ottawa Rough Riders don't exist.

Ergo - it's one word: Roughriders

(they visited you this past Sunday)

Not this guy or any others for that matter
the Argos took care of that now didn't they? ::slight_smile:

I'm okay with it past that east west stuff years ago . Want the best two teams now .
Would have liked Bridge a Canadian start for the Riders in the 150th year of Canada would have been a large promotional story for Grey Cup week .