Look, ma! Our own TV show!



[url=http://www.argonauts.ca/index.php/article/argos-access-premiers-june-9]http://www.argonauts.ca/index.php/artic ... ers-june-9[/url]

Now before we hear all the snide remarks from you other CFL cities who may or may not have your own shows already, this is a big deal for Argo fans. Here's hoping that the organization makes the most of this opportunity!

Hope it's not pay per view.

....bout' time......the more exposure the better....if nothing else 'maybe' the CFL and the Argos. can out-media those 'other' guys in the T.O. market....here's hoping....good to see.... :thup:

it's good that the Argo's have a tv show! in a city like Toronto you need that kind of exposure, definitely!

nice..the more CFL content the better.

Does Toronto have a CFL beat writer yet? I haven't been able to find anybody with an Argo blog or column or anything.

Sad, considering Regina has 3 ( Vanstone, McCormick, Hamilton ) -- Does Rod Pedersen count as a 4th?

Not sure who's going to cover the Eskimoes either, now that Jonathan Huntington isn't with the Sun anymore.

that doesn't bother me! Huntington was a jackass anyways.

StarChoice doesn't carry SunTV so I am going to miss this one. :cry: