Look, Jason Maas is good and all...

...but Danny McManus isn't chopped liver! I'm tired of seeing articles talking about the Tiger-Cats talking about how in Maas Hamilton has "finally" added a proven quarterback for the first time in a while, and that sort of thing. Maas definitely is a good quarterback, but how can you say we have not had proven quarterbacking recently? HOW! It's not like we haven't had...A FUTURE HALL OF FAMER or anything like that, or THE PLAYER WHO IS SECOND IN ALL-TIME PASSING YARDS!

dmac always got dissed especially on this site but had just as many support him.
i guess the quick fix is always to target the qb. it's happened a lot in this city in the past. eg.clements,kerrigan,calvillo.
maybe danny is a good for a 4th ring in calgary

The starting QBs in Hamilton have always had a hard time, they take all the blame when things go bad. The backups have always been popular - remember Ken Hobart, Dave Marler and it won't surprise me that if Maas can't move the ball the fans will be shouting for Eakin.

There is no doubt about that mikem , it will only take a few poor or average games for Jason to get dissed and the cry for Eakin comes out . It`s a way of life in Tiger Cat land and im sure Danny Mac filled Maas out on this a long time ago.

I know one thing, Calgary is sure glad to have Danny as the backup and I think Burris will have his best season of his career with Danny standing on the sidelines helping him with reads and defences .

if jason maas starts having a few bad games people should be yelling Eakin. Kevin has what it takes to be a starter and lead a team so if jasson maas is strugling i dont think the coaches will hesitate to put eakin in.

A lot has to do with styles. Danny was a timing passer. On a good night he was unstoppable. If anything was even a bit off....

Part of the problem here was his supporting cast. He needed guys with whom he was 'in sync.' He an Flutie were magic when together. The last couple of years the cast wasn't the best for his style, even HE had to rush his passes (though he had the fastest delivery in the league) and Danny wasn't a make things up on the fly kind of guy.

I wish he had had the support that he needed. Maas' short game may allow the team to gel and gives more options to get going quickly. (For whatever MY opinion is worth... and it ain't much.)

Maas is not a great scrambler himself , the benefit he has now is veteran recievers . Veterans know when to break off paterns when the QB is in trouble . They also run to the first down marker on second downs . Maas should have a good season he sure has the tools around him to get the job done .

We have good quarterbacking and kicking departments this year....it's refreshing to see guys who are totally interchangable on a moments notice.....everyone will have a bad patch once in a while so it's good to see his mates are there to step in....

I'm such a happy fan this year! (and no, we don't have to win every time.......but don't get me wrong..... winning lots will be good too!) :stuck_out_tongue:

Maas didnt change teams and move thousands of miles away from his family to SHARE the QB position . He came here becasue he wanted and deserved to be the starter. He will not be a happy camper if he has to sit on the bench . He did that last season and won a Grey Cup . He came here to be a starter and win a Grey Cup !!!!!

Calm down, dude. McManus was a great QB, but let's face it: his skills have deteriorated in the past three seasons. He's still got a bit left in the can, but he throws way too many INTs for a veteran QB and his mobiliy is next to nothing. Granted, he hasn't had the best supporting cast recently, but Danny Mac didn't do himself any favours with some of his decisions on the field. Maas will take this team places, especially with a security blanket like Terry Vaughn with whom he's already familiar.

Exactly discipline , something that was sorely lacking for Danny Mac !!!!!

Fight for Jobs
The Calgary Herald
Fri 09 Jun 2006
Byline: Michael Petrie

If Henry Burris and Danny McManus were actually looking for jobs, their performances Thursday would leave them in the soup line. They were both awful and the Stamps offence was non-existent from wire-to-wire. Third-stringer David Corley didn’t play.


fans give the quarterbacks to much praise when they win, and way to much blame when they lose, an offence has a o-line, recievers, & running backs,give them all a chance to gel this year & I guarantee the OFFENCE will win games, no need to call for Jason's head if he struggles the first game or two.

Marshall had a quote within the last week where he talked about 2004, and how Danny had a couple of big performances that made the team look better than they really were. I've always thought that Danny's play in a few games was almost single-handedly (in the team sense of the word) responsible for our victories. And don't forget, he had a 5,000 yard season that year just like Maas.

2005 was a different story. But I never understand it when people talk like Danny has had no skill for the last 3 or 4 years.

One other note: Who do you think had more passing yards between 2000 and 2005: McManus or Khari Jones? Answer may surprise.

danny is going to be in the hall of fame. He did great things for hamilton. Jason will do good things too...lets not be so quik to hate...i can remember Ozzy getting booed, another hall of famer...let Mass play before we start getting on him.

Maas and Eakin are not totally interchangeable.
Maas is superior an experinced proven starter. Eakin is not. Thats why he will be holding the clipboard. If Eakin and Maas were equals other teams would be begging for Eakin in trades.Nor would Ham. have gone through such an expensive trade to land Maas.

It would have been great to see DMAC with the receivers we have now, coulda been glorious.

I honestly hope Danny does a great job in Calgary. I know he will help Burris a lot. Why can't we just leave him alone. He was everything to Hamilton. Great Great Quarterback, Great on and off the field pesonality, great with kids, He did it all for Hamilton. Some of you people just have to stop with the Danny bashing. I hope with all my heart when he does retire he comes back to Hamilton and they give him the respect he deserves, just like Pringle did in Montreal. Mass will not be perfect either but he will have the winers after him too. Grow up. pat_cat :roll:

With great guys like Jason Maas, Kevin Eakin and Richie Williams in the QB department, 2006 should be a great year for sure.

Maas was throwing some nice darts in practice yesterday and looks relaxed.

Zontar…Im not sure if you were watching the same games as I was, but Eakin moved the ball just as effectively as Maas. Superior? No. Experienced? yes. Proven on the field? yes. I have no doubt of Eakins ability. They are interchangable! NO problem and I even bet Williams can move this team if called upon. We are loaded at the QB position.

I appreciate optimism and boosterism but let's grab hold of the reins here.
Eakin has particpated in exactly three league games.

He played well against a putrid and dejected Ottawa team. Next weak he was held to around two hudred yards passing in a 34-11 defeat agaisnt a Tor.team that already had a playoff spot locked up. He was then in for a quarter or so the next week vs. MTL.

That makes up the bulk of his CFL career, so far, parts of three games, thats it.

He has yet to play any meanigful time against any starting D in the rest of the league and has almost absolutely no knowledge of tendencies or habits of his opposition or receivers save practice and game film

If you want to throw in his ex. particpation you can go ahead but does anybody actually think thats comparable to a real game?

Does anyone think its a fair comparison (except his fanclub) to what exp. Maas has accumulated?

Having said all that Freakin'Eakin is defintely worth hanging onto as a backup or trade bait down the road and is galaxies beyond Brady ever was on his best day so Eakin represents progress. Which is what really matters.