look into your crystal ball

bored so..

with all the QB turmoil this year,who are your QB starters for 09

note-Durant is a FA

Bonus-lets say that Ottawa is up and running by 2010,who ya think they will select in the expansion draft? if i'm correct,i think they can only select 3rd string QB's.....or unless you know who will be a FA that year

What the hell...

Edmonton: Ray
Calgary: Burris
B.C.: Pierce
Saskatchewan: I'll say Durant for the hell of it...

Winnipeg: Glenn
Montreal: AC (Unless he retires)
Hamilton: Porter
Toronto: No idea... T.O. isn't kind to their QBs. :lol:


BC-Buck-printers as the back-up

Win-Glenn....think they'll get a new back-up
Ham-Porter-Jarious Jackson as backup
TO-Durant-k.j....i think he'll be a crappy team mate tho
MTL-AC...but i think they will look for a long term QB

Ottawa selects-Richie Williams,or Drew Tate.....he will be a great CFL QB,at Iowa,he looked like flutie the way he played

BC trades Jackson for Printer

T.O. may just all out cut K.J.

and Durant will want to be a starter so he'll go to the one place where he can,although TSN says Winn. may be a player if he doesn't re sign

lol no way BC trades jackson for the overpaid printers :slight_smile:

I have to agree. No one would agree to the outrageous fee that the Cats are paying him. He'll be released outright.

Calgary- Burris
Riders-Durant (Tilman won't loss him)
Hamilton- Porter
TO- anyone they can pay a small fortune to, or Jackson in a trade with BC
Montreal-Anthony retires after winning the gery cup to spend time with his family. PRINTERS with a good O-line.
winniepg- Glen
Ottawa- no team til 2011

Printers will never play in BC. Anyone who thinks that is on some awesome drugs. Even if he didn't suck now, Wally does not like him. Hell he woudln't even let him on the sidelines when he was here visiting. We also won't be trading Jackson away as we need a somewhat decent backup, which Jackson is. Maybe in a couple years after Champion gets some more experience, but not next year. Will not happen.

Printers will be released at the end of this year, and I would be very suprised if anyone picked him. There are plenty of quality QBs in this league that do not demand and outrageous salary, are not injury prone, and play consistent football.

I don't know about any east teams, but I say ...

BC: Pierce
Calgary: Burris
Edm: Ray
Sask: Bishop

Why fix what isn't broken? All the QBs in the west have proven they can compete.

Here's my guess to start next season. :cowboy: (Backups in parentheses.)

B.C.: Pierce (Jackson)
Calgary: Burris (??)
Edmonton: Ray (Maas)
Saskatchewan: Bishop (Durant re-signs)
Winnipeg: Glenn (Chang)
Hamilton: Porter (Williams)
Toronto: Printers (Joseph)
Montreal: A.C. (??)

Most teams are satisfied with their QBs, and the only ones that really aren't (Hamilton & Toronto) will make changes. Porter will earn the starting job to start the season, and Printers is gone. The Argos will pick him up and relegate Joseph to his backup. With Dickenson's retirement in the off-season, Calgary's backup QB job is open and will be decided in training camp. Montreal will look for a new young QB to tutor under AC, who will be his successor when #13 hangs 'em up, the way he stepped into Tracy Ham's shoes. In Winnipeg Timmy Chang will bump Dinwiddie out of the #2 spot.

The biggest blurry area is in Saskatchewan, where ET has a tendency to surprise everyone with moves that look stupid when he does them, but nine times out of ten end up paying off. If he dumps Bishop, he may end up going to Calgary to compete for the backup job.

How the season ends is anybody's guess. :?

Calgary - Burris
Edmonton - Ray
BC - Pierce
Sask - Jyles
Montreal - Calvillo
Winnipeg - Durant
Hamilton - Porter
Toronto - Printers
Ottawa - Jackson

Really, I don't think 100% Jyles will start for Sask but I think he'll compete, everyone seems to be forgetting about him.

Just out of curiosity, how does Durant make it to Winnipeg? And what happens to Glenn?

Durant could be signed, I don't think it will cost a lot to sign him. He and Glenn compete for the job, Durant wins. The only problem is Glenn is paid too much to be a back-up so I'm not sure what would happen there.

Is Durant a FA after this season?

Yeah, I think so.

That makes sense. When you said they could sign him, I thought, well wouldn't they have to trade for him. But if he's a FA...

(starters in bold)


Calgary: Burris, Dinwiddie
Edmonton: Ray, Maas
Saskatchewan: Bishop, Jyles
B.C: Durant, Pierce


Hamilton: Porter, Williams
Toronto: Joseph, Jackson
Montreal: Calvillo, Printers
Winnipeg: Glenn, Chang

Durant signs with B.C
B.C trades Jackson to T.O

Calgary trades for Dinwiddie (just for insurance in the back-up role)

Chang beats out Randall to be the bombers second string

Hamilton cuts Printers.
Montreal signs Printers.

Just Wondering…where do Bishop and Joseph end up in all of this?

bc - pierce,jackson
calgary- burris,
edmonton- ray, maas
sk- bishop,bell
winnipeg - glen,chang
toronto- joseph,durant

calvillo retires

Going to go way out on a limb here

BC Peirce
Cal Burris
Edm Ray
Sask ...... Dalton Bell (I have heard nothing but good things about him so far, Tillman has been chasing after him ever since he became the Riders GM)

Wnp Durant
TO Pickett
Ham Porter (I think this kid looks like a serious stud)
Mtl AC

I think that Durant could end up in TO or Wnp and be the starter, he would probably be more willing to go to TO as KJ is a big mentor to him. I also wouldn't rule out Mtl for Durant due to AC getting way long in the tooth and he is a similar QB as Durant and I couldn't think of a better mentor for him to be honest.

Probably cut. :lol:

Montreal - Anthony Calvillo
Winnipeg - Kevin Glenn
Toronto - Casey Printers
Hamilton - Kerry Joseph

Edmonton - Ricky Ray
Saskatchewan - Mike Bishop
Calgary - Henry Burris
B.C - Buck Pierce

I might stand alone, but I can see Hamilton and Toronto swapping QBs. Both teams are not satisfied with the play of either, and I doubt Joseph is happy in Toronto, and Printers is happy as a backup.