Look in the bright side ...

Cory Boyd will come to Toronto next weeked and run roughshod over their defence and make them regret they ever released him.

Argos losing in an East Semi-Final when the city is hosting the 100th Grey Cup will make all the pain I feel today go away.

Go Esks!

Didn't he get released a few weeks back?

Don't worry, though. Messam and Charles are both capable of running roughshod, too.

Cory was resigned.

That would be fun to watch.

I thought this thread was going to say that now they can get a head start on tearing the stadium down.

Gotta have the yard sale.

Imagine the ARGOSSSSSS winning the Grey Cup at home. It is written in the stars.

What a terrible thing to say. It's time for us to cheer on the esks or anybody but the arblows.

Your kidding right?

and by Stars we mean in the memo David Braley sent to the other owners as a condition of buying the Argos.

In all honesty though, I kid, I kid. I'm expecting Montreal vs BC. That's the Grey Cup I want to see.