Look familr

Well, where to start

  1. No defense/no rush/DBs inadequate
  2. Too many penalities
  3. Lamar, 4 fumbles on punt returns and Austin stays with him
  4. Burris , terrible, one ball should have been picked in our endzone, same drive badly underthrows a receiver and is pick which eventually leads to a TD
  5. Did Giguere really play in the NFL

On and on and on

1...agree 2...agree 3...no one else to do it(jones,walker both not dressed) 4...no protection,no help from receivers getting open or comimg back or separating no way edmonton dbs that good that they can cover for 5-7 seconds. 5...if you call playing in 1 game in 4 years than technically yes he kinda played but not really :roll: