Look at Ticats jersey

Damn nice. Can be seen at 1:10 of the video.

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2kOmGabJDk&feature=player_embedded#]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2kOmGab ... _embedded#[/url]!

im certain that is not the new jersey.

But I like the shot of the Hamilton skyline circa 1975 -

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=StssXAhUzRU&feature=related]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=StssXAhU ... re=related[/url]

Already discussed here about a month ago.


It's only a working option. I wouldn't expect to see that as the new jersey.

Interesting...not sure I like it, though...

Looks like the exact same jersey they have now, with just an alteration of the colours of the numbers. As mentioned in the video, it's just something they're fiddling with, and that's what it looks like too. They did not say that is the new jersey, nor would they show it like that.

The jersey shown in the video is not the team's new jersey for next season.

We'll unveil the new jerseys at an appropriate time.

Time to get into the 21st century and allow more advertising on jerseys. Like in soccer they could leave the back of the jersey clear but have advertising on the front and arms. It's a good revenue generator.

Commercialism has invaded every aspect of our lives, aren't 2 patches on the chest enough?

I understand that it's experimental, Captain. I was just commenting on what I saw.

Mike, they have advertising on the sidelines, on the field, even on the food and drink containers. I think that's enough. I understand that the team needs to make money, but, let's not turn the game into one long infomercial.

As Scott mentioned, those are not the jersey's. Reebok has already produce final version of the jersey's and should be released around Training Camp.

No thanks, next thing you now we would have Spengler Cup looking uniforms. :thdn:

Exactly. Thank you, tcmike.

Those Spangler jerseys look ridiculous, like moving billboards. Even worse with ad space sold on the foreheads of their helmets. To me it looks degrading to the player.

If CFL goes that route, count me out.

i've got my fingers crossed for a return of the 70's retro jerseys as the full-time home jerseys. along with yellow pants with a solid black stripe and the current helmet.

YES!70's home retro's are the best looking TC uni's to date, the helmet, the jersey, the pants, all perfection.Too much to hope for in this years uni probably though :frowning:


Me too!!!!!

I would love to have a 70's retro jersey. Make mine a 3 or 4XX.