Look at these numbers

Wow - look at this. Over 20,000 for each exhibition game, except Calgary's, which was played on an absolutely disgustingly rainy day. Pretty good numbers, for "only" pre-season! Hopefully they just go up from here.

yep, Toronto had a free ticket voucher for their preseason game and reportedly over 30,000 fans were in attendance.

In Calgary over 20,000 tickets were sold, but only 7,000 showed up in the rain...

27,000 something in edmonton, cloudy, pretty miserable and it rained a bit.

over 27,000 for Winnipeg

Cold and windy in Hamilton. Over 25,000...the largest pre-season attendance at Ivor Wynne in decades!

Considering everything that Hamilton did in the off-season, I'd be excited about seeing them too! This could be a much happier year for you, BigDave.

The Als are the luckiest of all when it comes to rain. I have attended over 80 games at Molson-Percival, and it rained twice.

Last Thursday, it has been a rainy day in Montreal. But the rain stopped about 90 minutes prior to the game, and resumed - get this - on the last kneel down of Scott McBrien, with 0 second left on the clock.

I hope I am not jinxing it by pointing out loud.

No. It was just over 21,000.

I was there. That was the announced figure on the jumbotron, and looked about right.

I was also at the game and I have been a ARGO seasons ticket holder since , 1989.

Most of the 100 and 200 sections where full [seats 30,000] and there were lots of people in the 500 level.

21,000+ were the paying customers.

About 31,000+ showed up! [ticket vouchers from seasons ticket holders]

This was an ex-game high not seen in many years.

Great news , and just wait until it really starts. :thup:

The ticket vouchers is such a good idea, because those extra 9000+ people still eat, drink and get a nice experience they'll probably want to repeat. It's money in the making.

It is a free bee , but you may have some people coming back.

And it is allot better now for the ARGOS , because they actually get the concessions $ :thup:

I'd say there was about 25,000 - 30,000 at the pre-season game in Toronto...