Glenn looked darn good calling his own plays - and he got Charlie going - He was also vocal and showed leadership (especially toward Picard for the bad snaps)

Malveux looked great at safety - I think Berry may be on to something here

Will Barrin Simpson be back? with the play of the big "L" who the Bombers really like.

Amos continues to impress.

And look at the bright side - The Als look like they will be in first place - AC is playing like a man posessed.

The Argos are crumbling as i thought they would and Stubler will be gone (and we thought we had problems)

The Ti-Cats - Well lots of work STILL to be done there

The only advantage the Argos have over us is after the bye week they have the Ti-Cats back to back and we have the mighty Riders.

Looking at the schedual - i can see the BB'S making 2nd place at the end of the year - may be a long shot but it's possible.

  1. Als
  2. Bombers
  3. Argos (West will cross over)
  4. Cats

I feel that this is quite possible - GO BLUE and keep making those positive changes!!

Long Shot? Maybe
Possible? Absolutely

6 or 7 wins just might be all you need for second in the east this year.

The 4 remaining games with the Argos and TiCats look like they will decide the outcome.