look at the last 3 years

2003 1 wins
2004 9 wins
2005 5 wins

2006 pathetic so far and no light at the end of the tunnel

So Bob would you let the management team of any of your other companies perform this poorly....I dont think so

How many threads are you going to start tonight?

I wish I was so brilliant that my own thoughts could not be contained in a single thread.

short term patches will not fix this team..the issue is bigger than that and people have to start realizing that.. over the last few years the Ticats both on the field and off have looked more like the the hype and sizzle of the WWF than the proud football team it has always been.

This is not about putting people in the stand using gimicks etc but rather by putting a well coached team that executes and gives 100% all the time...

as I have said before this not a Hamilton Ticats team and organization ..it is all about the sizzle

The Hamilton TigerCats.....Official Patsy's of the CFL!

Hold on do we really know what the five year plan is. Maybe it was just to get the fans to the staduim and make some money for the ownership.

You might be right..then this is what we have to look forward to...sort of reminds me of the Ballard years in Toronto with the Leafs

If you think a CFL team generates alot of revenue get a grip. Bob owns the ticats because he likes football, its a hobby to him. He clearly doesnt make too much profit. hes already rich so suckering customers is a joke

Yes he is rich but he did not get that way by being a foolish or stupid man...therefore has he been hood-winked by the trusted senior mgt team he has put around himself in Hamilton or does he just not care...my bet would be on the first one.....Bob the buck stops with you....its your move

I'm starting to think that Bob's 5 year plans is too make as much money as possible and then sell the team...like he has done with his other businesses

The 5-year plan on the football side is over... this season is lost... wreck it now...