Look at the GM's behind the best two teams in the CFL

Best records in the CFL what do they have in common…experience real GM’s…BC has Wally Buono and Montreal has Jim Popp

One of the youngest general managers and brightest minds in professional sports, Jim Popp is known for abilities to both build expansion teams and rebuild established franchises into winning organizations. Popp signed a five-year contract with the organization in October 2003.
Still a young GM, his accomplishments are nonetheless already impressive - he has the best overall record of any CFL general manager over the last 10 years. He led the Alouettes to five consecutive seasons of 12 or more victories (1996-2000), one of only three teams in CFL history to accomplish such a feat. Of the just three CFL coaches ever to win back-to-back Coach of the Year honours, two did so working with Popp (Don Matthews 1994-1995; Charlie Taaffe 1999-2000).
In 14 years in the CFL (two years with Saskatchewan, two with Baltimore, and 10 with Montreal), Popp's teams have never had a losing record. His teams have appeared in the playoffs every year, have been in nine Division Finals, five Grey Cup games and have won two championships. Under Popp, the team has won at least 12 games and reached the East Division Final in every season except 2001. The team reached the Grey Cup game in 2000, 2002, 2003, and 2005 winning in 2002.

Only Katz would GIVE Kwame Kavil AWAY for a third round draft pick. He's only a yearly 1000 yard producer, and a known "team" guy. Just another contribution to his joke of a legacy.

ya trade a great player but keep the worse oc ever in Pao Pao

Katz did a great job putting together a pool of talent that should have competed for a playoff spot. The coaches did not assess talent or prepare the players for games correctly. Obviously a lot of these players don’t have heart and the coaches should have picked up on that and weeded those guys out early. But they didn’t, so the team is ok with losing consistently.

The most troubling thing about the Ticats now is that the D seems to have given up too. I thought those players respected Reed, but that’s out the window now too.

Back to Montreals GM Popp, guess what he does every weekend?

He's out scouting CIS talent,OK,they aren't playing yet ,but .....that is the kind of long term GM you want to have on your team.

Guess who hired him?

Former CFL commisioner who returned to Montreal to turn the franchise around.

Popp is hands on and in the field getting his gut feeling as well as the scouts,he's there and it shows with the Als draft picks.

Of course he has a proven QB and a proven coach and stars on O and D to go with it all.

I like that he started young and listened and learned hands on,humble low key guy.

I heard him interviewed by Mike Hogan on the Fan590,,hey wait a minute ,Hogan would make a good GM,inspite of his other team affiliations.Hire him!...or look into it?

You mention Wally Buono as another successful GM.

Wally would trade any posters on this forum he didn't agree with or had a feeling that another poster was better ,younger cheaper and trying harder .

You all would flip ,ahh he traded Cavil and he never had a chance.!!

Wally would never subject himself to the cannibals here,but is a very astute football man,like our Ron Lancaster is.

Once again he is surrounded by star players who he plays when...he.....wants to or thinks they have earned it.

Not always popular with the fans or media ,but who the hell cares it's "My" team not yours.

I was Speaker to another Fan..
he Said we should ask For Permission
to Bring Popp to Hamilton..

What a great Idea..

We need to find our own people and develop them ,I feel,not always bail out with chemistry from around the whole league …
Which is a lack of the same chemistry.

I failed chemistry in grade 13…oh well

when the hell did Cavil become so great? you make it sound like we gave away Earl WInfeild for a golf cart and a bag of footballs.

hey, anyone remember what we gave up to get Terry Vaughn? hmmm? look back, see what was given up, A DRAFT PICK, and not even a first rounder.

this guy has been our most productive receiver and we got him for an effin draft pick.

leave katz alone, he's a different kind of GM. not a football guy, but a money guy. who better to discuss contrats, and figures with? scouts can find players just as easily as GM's. i don't see why our GM has to become a glorified scout (like roy shivers is)

get over yourselves people. we lost, we stunk, the sun will rise tomorrow and we'll probably lose next week if we keep playin like this, but the world is not over, and the ticats will again be dominant all in good time.

Except he also picked up Terry Vaughn who has all the same attributes and more from Mtl for a draft pick.

As for Kavil, I’m surprised they got a third-rounder for him.

Even so, you can’t dismiss possibility that this was part of salary dump.

Popp came to Mtl when Baltimore relocated there. He was their GM. Smith had nothing to do with it.

However, you're right about his talent. Look at teams he put together in Baltimore and then with Mtl. Als have best overall reg-season record of any team in CFL since 96.

It's one reason why I think he'd be perfect choice, instead of Tillman, to be GM of new Ottawa team.