Look At Receivers

As an Als Fan I truly hope your team will improve. You have the greatest fans and Deserve the best.
I think your 6'5 Rodroguez is a gem at receiver. If you add Bauman you have a great pair. Of the other receivers, I believe you coaches are not using a potential and effective receiver- Pat Woodcock. Your coach only puts him in the end of game when the deciion is not in doubt. He has responded with several catches when thrown the long ball. I believe if PW played more he would made a good addition to the yards of completed passes. Woodcock, as you have seen, is an effective long ball and medium ball receiver. His yards per catch is 19- why not use him more. The other wide receivers are really not playing up to par.

As you can see our coaches like to sit some of our best receivers. You know, give them a 10 minute rest between plays so they are fresh when called upon.

OK so they got their training at the
Citadel in the U S of A (our coaches of coarse.)