Lonie's Movie


Did anyone hear about Lonie's movie staring the Dance Team?


When the Glibermans signed back on, I was worried that they would try to run the football operations and kill this team. I was hoping that they would be the financiers and buy smart football people. Bernie and Lonie Glieberman vowed to go all out to ensure the team plays in front of a full house. I guess they are working on filling the stands without a solid product on the field.


Now that I hear that the only thing on Lonie's mind is to make this murder mystery movie with the Dance team, I kind of wish he understood that they owned a football team and not a ski hill.

Regardless of what entertainment you organize at your ski resort, people will still always come for the hill and snow. I understand that this movie will be for sale during games and at the online store.

I'm renewing my season tickets this year and will give the Glibemans a full off season to get something going. Next year must be better than this year on and off the field.

Man, I sincerely hope you're joking.....

A movie with the cheerleaders...c'mon....

wow... that is getting pretty low IMO...