Lonie officially out

Glieberman steps down as Renegades president
Canadian Press

Ottawa � The Lonie Glieberman era in Ottawa is over.

Glieberman has resigned as president of the Ottawa Renegades less than a year into his second stint in the job.

Glieberman has been the object of criticism since he became president of the CFL club last May when his father, Detroit-area businessman Bernie Glieberman, bought the team for a second time. He owned the Ottawa Rough Riders in 1991-93.

Lonie Glieberman's controversial Mardi Gras promotion last season received plenty of criticism around the league, even from CFL commissioner Tom Wright.

Glieberman's resignation comes after several weeks of controversy around the club. Earlier this week, new head coach John Jenkins lashed out at team consultants John Lisowski and Phil Kershaw in a dramatic news conference.

Can we really call that an "era"?

And, honestly, how can anyone ***k up this fast TWICE on the same job?

I listened to the news conference on the radio. This guy truly is immature. He still thinks he was right with the Mardi Gras promo, saying that it helped with attendance, and the attendance declined after cancelling it. Does he not realize that the product on the field was fizzling out after a promising start (again), which may have had a lot to do with a decline in attendance in the second half of that dismal season??? He says he may have offended some people, but the bottom line is that it's how many tickets you can sell, no matter how, that counts.
He's stepping down because recent events with the team have caused a rift between he and his father (Cuddles) . Guess he doesn't want to get pushed out of the Final Wil and Testament.
He says he does things differently, which ruffles a lot of feathers, like not ever grooming his ski resort hills. It's the bottom line that counts, he stated, regardless of any casualties (i.e. older people who like groomed ski hills).
He also kept quoting from business management books, and made reference to the success of "Southpark", despite it being hated by the female population during initial screenings, but loved by the young male population, because "boys have a need for excitement".
He also made a wierd analogy about the situation being something like having a girlfriend who also wants to go out with other guys.
Oh yeah, another reason he's resigning is because nobdy up here likes him.
Adios Lonnie. Oh, and at least you're right on that last one.

Good Riddance Loonie!

Hey Supersmith, I hope this is a fresh page thats gets you guys back to credability!

I agree with your assessment Supersmith. The overall impression I had was that Lonie was immature, and I've never even met the guy. Too much money at a young age may not always be good for one's personal growth. I hope we see Tillman really soon!


didnt he look like a nice guy ? :twisted:


YYYYYIPPPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !!!!! I listened to the interview also, Supersmith, and this guy just doesn't get it. He had no clue that when attendance was going up the Renegades were on a 4 game winning streak and ticket sales declined when they started losing. He was talking about his stupid ski resorts again. HELLO !!! This is football in Ottawa, not skiing in Michigan! What the hell is Bohemia day ? Good riddance, now get someone in who knows how to run a football team. :smiley:

So I guess that Christmas B-rated movie with the Rens' cheerleaders slaughtering one another won't come true, eh?

Sad thing nobody realized the potential of this guy's marketing ideas...

He was way over his head with this position of a professional football team in a city that has a load of history and traditon. His father should have known this.
I think good things will be brewing again in Ottawa me thinks.

I'd like to see ORR run the football team. He seems to know everything there is to know, god knows he's cried about everything there is to cry about.

With the Mardi Gras promotion, the Upper Deck was packed every game. I've seen worse things on TV than what went on up there.

Don't get me wrong, I want good ownership to right this ship, but Lonie wasn't given a chance right from Day one.

hey Gades, it sometimes isn't what you did or could do but the image you bring to an organization that counts. And the media decided they wanted to lynch him any which way they could. Unfortunate but just the way it is in a business like pro sports, not fair but what can you do. They wanted him out - period, come h*ll or high water. And Lonie just didn't have a professional image about him where he could sell himself to the media and many of the potential fans in Ottawa. Too immature as someone above said and sports is actually a very conservative business when you get down to it. Look at the XFL, different thing for sure, but far out ideas, while maybe good at times in other businesses, are usually not workable with sports fans.

You damn right I could run that football team better than Loonie. I was in the upper deck for one of the games and Mardi Gras was in bad taste and it wasn't full. One girl flashed and got escorted out by the Ottawa Police only to return. Frankly I was embarrassed for her. And No Gades, I haven't cried about everything,only the stupidity that Loonie and Gump have brought to this football team. Unfortunately, you are not bright enough to realize this. I'm willing to give Jenkins a chance, but what kind of bonehead cuts down two members of the organization that Bernie HIRED for recommendations. Can you not see the stupidity of these three ? Unless you're one of them. :smiley:

ORR, i'm gonna have to disagree. If you look at half your posts on here, you're whining or crying about something.

As much as the Gleibs have to be credited for spending their money and probably saving the franchise, it is now more then evident they have to go. Which brings us to the $64,000 question, who, if anyone, will step forward. What about the minority owner Bill Smith???

I’m glad that Lonie is gone and now we can have someone more respectable in here, and I love the way that Jenkins is tearing into Lisowski. He absolutely must go check my post in the Gade’s Forums on that bugger. He’s the one piece of cancer left on our team now, once he’s gone then things will only go up.

I certainly hope your sarcastic here…

Have you gone to at least 1 game under the Gliebs “era”…?

I had 2 99$ season pass last year…but with all the stupid stunts they pulled, that’s why I didn’t renew this year even on the 2 for 1 sale on Dec 10th…

Good Riddance Lonie…don’t let the door hit ya on the way out…

You're just using the "stupid stunts" as an excuse to save some money, and quite honestly, that is a weak excuse. You go for the game and the team, not for the stunts.

Good riddance to yourself and fans like you who didn't renew because of lame excuses like that.

Gades...Thanks for the compliment man. :twisted:

Saving some $$$ are you crazy, $$ is not an issue here, as I’ve been a season ticket holder in Mtl since 2003, and been to multiple Grey Cups over the years ! II costs me more in gas for my car to commute (410KM) for a game then a pair of season ticket for the 'Gades...

Don't worry, I’ll still buy tickets for the July 1st game, like 2000 other Mtl fans that will also commute.

I sure won't miss Ric Flair as a Head Coach and the Glieb's circus....How can we take these guys seriously ???

The only positive about that "era" was:

1-99 $ season tickets
2- Firing Paopao, which should have been done in 2005?

Don't tell me "the hiring" of Ric Flair is a positive.
Don't tell me the "firing" of Greg Marshall who left for the Bombers is a good thing...that guy could have replaced Paopao in 2005.

If the team or organization is so great...how come the stands are "half-full (lets be "positive� here) ?

Oh yeah and with the great savings I’ll make, I’ll probably buy you a pair of diapers, not to wet yourself all over (just in case of another Canada Day Miracle) or a 12 case of Kleenex at Costco, when your team will look like a train crash.

BTW, even if I live 15 minutes away from FC, I’ll still keep an eye on them, but never jump on the bandwagon until the Gliebs are there !

Why isn't the hiring of Jenkins a positive? Has he done anything wrong as of yet that proves that he won't be a good coach? I'm sure he'll show a lot more emotion on the sidelines than Paopao ever did.

While Marshall was alright as a defensive co-ordinator, don't forget the fact that the defence often fell apart in games and would give up big play after big play. Sure they were on the field for more than half the game, but chalk that up then to conditioning. Marshall started the season off well with the defence, but near the end of the season, i felt that the defence was horrible.

Agreed that paopao lasted a year longer than he should have, didn't like the guy and the way he coached and was consistently outcoached every game.

And i'll say thanks for the diapers, my cousins baby will need them.

The reason the stands are "half full" is because like i've stated before, the fans in this city don't care about the team. It's fans that don't go to games that complain about the team. In the five years that the team has been back, they have yet to have a sell out. So I don't blame the Gliebermans on that.